Recent Partnership


Big Problems. Big Thinkers. A unique symbiosis between Bloomberg Media Studios custom content and Bloomberg editorial programming positioned Cisco’s innovative technology solutions alongside insightful exploration into our time’s biggest challenges by the world’s brightest minds.

Campaign Highlights

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Big Problems. Big Thinkers. reached audiences across Bloomberg’s multimedia universe.

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Custom-produced, digital-first animations ran adjacent to Big Problems. Big Thinkers. as well as across Bloomberg Media

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Cross-platform touch-points included social media, custom polling units, Times Square exposure, NYC taxi promotion and tune-in messaging.

Incisive storytelling
Cisco’s exclusive partnership presented unexpected answers to critical topics like climate, the economy and measuring success, as revealed through conversations between acclaimed journalist Terre Blair and luminaries including Warren Buffett, Madeleine Albright, Steven Soderbergh and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Brand perspective
Bloomberg Media Studios created 13+ minutes of custom, digital-first animations that aligned with the show’s themes to show how Cisco’s technology can power connection and collaboration among businesses, cities and people that solves human problems.
Proven results
Viewer experiences across digital and broadcast as well as unique out-of-home promotions, social amplification and print presence elevated awareness for Cisco’s brand and leadership. Custom metrics exceeded benchmarks on such measures as brand consideration, perception and action.
Not only are they highly creative and innovative, they listened to us. I’ve worked with many custom content studios, and Bloomberg, by far, has been the best.
Mindy Warner
Marketing Manager, Global Media Partnership and Product Placement Cisco