Bloomberg Media Studios

We develop brand strategies and communications, create content, and build campaigns that connect forward-thinking brands to the world’s most important audience: the business leaders, decision makers, and cultural tastemakers who rely on Bloomberg every day to compete and win.

How we work


We work with partners to solve complex problems through the convergence of diverse perspectives focused on a common goal, assembling unique, expert perspectives from across our organization.


The Bloomberg Solutions Lab

What makes us different


Through our uniquely rich data sets, we see opportunities others can’t or don’t. This is the basis for insights that form the foundation for breakthrough strategies.

Proprietary business insight. 250+ in-house analysts covering 1200+ companies and 300+ industries provide deep investigation of vital factors.


Media marketplace analysis. Bloomberg AiQ, our homegrown, data-science driven AI tool, illuminates behaviors, trends, and engagement among audiences and companies.


Proprietary data. Studies and tools such as the Bloomberg Brand Health System provide unique context and superior understanding.

Our creative work


We design content and experiences that influence those with the power and ability to create change. Our approach is rooted in the craft of storytelling and the depth of our data-driven insight.


Creating brand stories

…Bloomberg will use data from across its assets — including its news service and specialist publisher Bloomberg New Energy Finance — to inform its advisory services...
- The Financial Times