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CA Technologies

Hello World. With Hello World, CA Technologies and Bloomberg Media celebrated the code revolution with a fresh look at how business is being rewritten by software across the globe, inviting audiences on a digital-first journey to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future.

Campaign highlights

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Hello World explored global locations from Israel to Sweden to Japan to New Zealand to Chile –and many more.

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Hello World broke new ground in accessibility, with digital-first availability across web, mobile, social channels, OTT and linear television.

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Social exposure generated strong buzz for CA Technologies technology leadership.

Global journey
A data-driven, editorially-led exploration of the tech industry in all corners of the world, each of Hello World’s 10 episodes investigated the unique approach to technology fed by one international location’s culture and surroundings.
Digital-first video
Hosted by Bloomberg Businessweek technology writer and best-selling author Ashlee Vance, the multiplatform Hello World became the first digital tech travel show of its kind – and the first to incorporate Snapchat into its storytelling.
Social impact
Airing digitally first and then on broadcast television, Hello World also reached a strong viewership across the social graph, generating stand-out buzz and engagement for the show and its exclusive support from CA Technologies.
Bloomberg becomes first publisher to build Snapschat footage into online video series