Bloomberg Technology’s Emily Chang shares insight on tech trends and her new book, Brotopia

Jen Robinson

Last week, Bloomberg Media Group’s Chief Revenue Officer Keith Grossman and Technology Practice Lead Michelle Evers hosted a breakfast with Bloomberg Technology’s Emily Chang for tech execs at Bloomberg’s San Francisco headquarters.

Top marketers from companies including Citrix, Ericsson, LinkedIn, Autodesk, Adobe, Workday and others joined a lively conversation centered around where the tech industry is going – and what forces have played a role in shaping where it is now.

Chang, who is the anchor and executive producer of the “Bloomberg Technology” show broadcast across platforms from San Francisco daily, is also the author of the newly published “Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys Club of Silicon Valley.”

Bloomberg Media Group hosted tech marketing leaders for a breakfast conversation with author and Bloomberg Technology anchor Emily Chang in San Francisco last week. Guests went home with a copy of the newly published “Brotopia: Breaking up the Boys Club of Silicon Valley.” Photo: Bloomberg

Chang took guests behind the scenes of writing the book, which she started in 2015 after several on-air interviews led her to dig deeper into the story of gender equality in tech. “Brotopia” explores the history of women in tech – women were the original pioneers of programming; in the 1940’s, that job was considered administrative – as well as the myth of meritocracy, the role venture capital plays, and more.

As the pace of change accelerates with the advent of new technologies, there’s an opportunity for organizations to embrace new tools to combat biases. “The exclusion of women didn’t have to be the story of how we got here, and it certainly doesn’t need to be our future. Let’s take advantage of this moment,” Chang said, adding that data shows that having a balance of men and women on projects and in companies is good for business and the bottom line.

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