Bloomberg and Ptarmigan Media deliver insight on financial marketing

Bloomberg Media and Ptarmigan Media share a similarly long-standing expertise when it comes to understanding financial professionals. Bloomberg Media is a leading, global, multi-platform brand that provides decision-makers with timely news, analysis and intelligence, while Ptarmigan Media is a financial services media solutions business with more than two decades of experience. 

Now, Bloomberg and Ptarmigan have created a video series featuring Kimberly Boone, VP, Group Director at Ptarmigan Media-Americas and Michelle Lynn, Global Head of Data Science & Insight at Bloomberg Media. Together, they offer unique perspective on key aspects of connecting with financial leaders, from how to better understand them to creating effective messaging to B2B marketing trends in 2020. In times of uncertainty, these underlying principles are more relevant than ever.

Episode One: Understanding the Financial Advisor Audience

Episode Two: Campaigns That Are Born to Live, Not Born to Die

Episode Three: Trends to Watch in 2020