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Hartford Funds

Human-centric Investing. Fluctuating economic indicators, unexpected political outcomes and shifting monetary policies drive headlines – but how do they affect investors, both rationally and emotionally? Bloomberg Media Studios partnered with Hartford Funds to bring investors and their financial advisors immediate insight on market-moving events, providing a clear, reliable resource amid uncertainty.

The campaign with Bloomberg's content studio drove more than 130,000 page views of the content, with an average of over two minutes spent with each piece.
Martin Swanson
Chief Marketing Officer, Hartford Funds (via

Campaign highlights 

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Expert custom content appeared natively across Bloomberg Digital environments.

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Hartford Funds brand exposure included social media, real-time trending finance news, contextual news environments and high-impact positions.

Robust Engagement
Hartford Funds’ custom program unpacked how market moves that drive headlines actually affect investors, both rationally and emotionally, driving significant performance.
Timely, relevant insight
Bloomberg Media Studios published articles within minutes of major news events such as the Brexit vote, jobs reports and Federal Reserve announcements, delivering instant perspective aligned with Hartford Funds' commitment to human-centric investing - across all digital platforms.
Social amplification
Hartford Funds captured attention with newsworthy content, reaching broad audiences while focusing attention on financial advisors. Social referrals increased as the partnership progressed.