#smrtrfstr: Bloomberg Media takes IAB #NewFronts live to 8+ US & global cities

Today, Bloomberg Media’s entire worldwide ad sales team – 250+ account execs, marketers, and ad-ops specialists strong – took to the Twitterverse in an unprecedented burst of company pride. The cause of the tweeting-en-masse? High excitement for Bloomberg’s just-announced plan to be the first  IAB Digital Content NewFronts participant to live-broadcast its presentation in 8+ locations.

Each simulcast will take place in one of Bloomberg’s tech-forward office locations around the US, with additional events serving Asia and Europe. Designed to be consistent with the state-of-the-art technology and ambitious presentation driving Bloomberg’s New York headquarters event, the simulcasts will use a cutting-edge, custom production platform to bring widespread advertising communities a truly you-are-there experience.

Markets include Boston, Washington DC, and Miami on the east coast; Chicago and Detroit in the central region; and San Francisco and Los Angeles in the west. Events timed to local business hours that highlight regional programming and initiatives will also take place in Hong Kong and London.

Held over two weeks in May, IAB’s Digital Content NewFronts see 30+ media companies presenting the best of their new original video programming and technology.  That represents a business opportunity that could reach $9 billion this year, fueled by explosive growth in video viewing audiences.  Now marketers everywhere – not just those who travel to or live in New York – can get in on the Bloomberg Media action.

Save the date: May 2nd at 3pm ET!