Bloomberg on the ground at the Mobile World Congress

Self-driving delivery bots, underwater-capable smartphones, a surprise high-five between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Samsung Electronics exec Koh Dong Jin – these are just a few of the buzz-worthy moments from this week’s Mobile World Congress. The huge Barcelona industry meet-up saw industry visionaries like Zuckerberg to alongside CEOs from telecoms and device makers sharing ideas, launching products, and trying out new technologies.

Bloomberg’s team of reporters and photographers caught up with the newsmakers and covered the most exciting developments, from new applications for virtual reality to wearables to when exactly 5G will become a reality. We’ve shared a sample of what matters most to marketers below; dive into our full coverage on

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with Samsung President of Mobile Communications Koh Dong Jin. Photo credit: Pau Barrena/Bloomberg

Education, security, and tourism are the hot new areas for VR, according to Mark Zuckerberg

Musician and entrepreneur launching his Dial smartwatch. Photo credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

“Wearables… this term came from folks that don’t make clothes.” –, speaking with Bloomberg Television

AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie. Photo credit: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

“5G is exciting but it’s 4-5 years away.” – Glenn Lurie, AT&T Mobility CEO in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Caroline Hyde

A robot designed by Google Inc’s creative labs completes line drawings from photographs taken on a smartphone. Photo credit: Pau Barrena/Bloomberg

Pictures are worth a thousand words on what you’re missing at the Mobile World Congress