Bloomberg Media’s Global Multi-Platform Technology Sub-Brand Launches, Combining the Strength of 50 Journalists Around the World Covering Global Technology With New Editorial, Digital and Advertising Products

New York – Bloomberg Media today introduced the newly expanded and redesigned Bloomberg Technology sub-brand, which will focus on the business of technology. With 50 dedicated reporters and editors in 12 international bureaus (San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangalore, Beijing, London, Toronto, Paris, Tel Aviv and Frankfurt), Bloomberg Technology uniquely has the resources and expertise to provide in-depth coverage of not only what’s next, but where’s next. Over the last year, Bloomberg Technology, under the leadership of Brad Stone, Senior Executive Editor of Global Technology and best-selling author of “The Everything Store,” has built an all-star global team, adding 12 new journalists, including three in China.


The new sub-brand will serve an audience of global business decision makers across all of Bloomberg Media’s platforms–digital, mobile, television, radio, print and live events. Bloomberg Television’s flagship technology show, “Bloomberg West,” will be renamed “Bloomberg Technology” and be fully integrated into the digital site. Dedicated Bloomberg Technology segments will appear on Bloomberg TV and digital platforms throughout the day, which will be available around the world. 

“Over the past year, we have assembled a top-notch team of technology journalists led by Brad Stone.  With our global resources and reporting depth, Bloomberg Technology is positioned to cover the world of tech like no one else,” said Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait.

“Bloomberg’s media offering is designed to make global business leaders smarter and faster – with breaking news, expert opinion and proprietary data-powered insights distributed on every platform across every time zone,” said Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith. “The launch of Bloomberg Technology completes our strategy of building a portfolio of global multi-platform brands that speak directly to different segments of this premium audience.”

The Bloomberg Technology expansion includes product enhancements, data-driven editorial features and new advertising opportunities.

Multi-platform editorial features include: 

The Global Technology Tracker: A rich trove of Bloomberg data on 20 of the most influential and visible public technology companies around the world, providing readers a new tool to easily follow and foretell the state of these businesses. This data will be embedded into relevant stories.  

The Bloomberg U.S. Startups Barometer: A one-of-a-kind economic indicator tracking the ecosystem for U.S. startups, as measured by the flow of venture capital money into private technology companies as well as acquisitions and public offerings. This figure will be updated weekly.  

Weekday “Bloomberg Technology” show: “Bloomberg West” with host Emily Chang (6 PM ET/3 PM PT), which debuted as the only weekday television show covering technology and airing live from San Francisco, becomes “Bloomberg Technology." 

Live video programming: Daily live video shows will be hosted on and simulcast on Facebook and YouTube. The first shows to launch will be "Apple This Week” with Mark Gurman and Alex Webb, and “Digital Defense” with Jordan Robertson.  

Video series: Building on Bloomberg’s new digital series “Hello World” with Ashlee Vance, which debuted earlier this year, Bloomberg Technology will launch a weekly series featuring AI technologies including robots, and the stories behind how they’re changing the way we do business. 


– Newsletter: “Fully Charged” will deliver exclusive insights from Bloomberg’s global newsroom, in addition to a collection of favorite stories from other sources around the world.  

Podcast: Bloomberg Technology will debut a narrative driven podcast “Decrypted,” hosted by Brad Stone. The podcast will shine a light on remote corners of the global technology industry, and feature one deeply-reported story from Bloomberg reporters each week.

New digital enhancements include: 

Javelin: Built in house by Bloomberg Digital engineers, Javelin is a new article and template design focused solely on speed. It will provide a significantly improved user experience. In the newly designed, cleaner and dynamic right rail, one item at a time will appear and morph into the next item as the user scrolls down. Javelin allows Bloomberg Technology to have its own unique identity through a differentiated and relevant design. A new ad unit will feature an extra-large sized billboard ad to take advantage of the fast-loading technology. 

Boomerang: The Bloomberg Technology site introduces a new feature called “Boomerang,” which will take the homepage to the user, rather than waiting for the user to find it. In an evolution of the Transporter, after reading an article, Boomerang will take readers back to a refreshed homepage-like experience, regardless of how they come to that article in the first place. It provides users with a clean way to navigate the depth and breadth of Bloomberg’s technology coverage. For advertisers, it means homepage campaigns will continue to have an impact at a time when fewer and fewer users go to the homepage or section landing pages. 

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