Bloomberg launches “Game Plan” podcast to explore office politics

With more people spending their time at work than just about anywhere else, Bloomberg today launched a new podcast about the office grind and how to navigate it. Game Plan is a weekly show (every Wednesday) hosted by Bloomberg reporter Rebecca Greenfield and editor Francesca Levy. 


Here’s a glimpse into what to expect in the first three episodes: 

1. The Past, Present, and Future of Corporate Jargon: Examining the much hated, empty phrases we are all guilty of using when we talk to our coworkers, Francesca and Becca explain the origins of jargon and their cases for and against its usefulness. Comedian and writer Sara Schaefer joins the show to share funny workplace jargon experiences.

2. Money/Investing/Salary: Francesca and Becca talk about the salary discrepancy between men and women, and negotiating raises and promotions. Sallie Krawcheck, former CEO of Smith Barney, CFO of Citi and CEO of Merrill Lynch, who went on to found Ellevest, an investing initiative for women, joins to explain how easy it can be to financially break the mold. 

3. Being Nice at Work: Do nice guys finish last? Offices, according to some studies, have been getting meaner and people are less happy at work. Francesca and Becca discuss facets of this quandary. Paul Ford, founding partner of digital product shop Postlight and well-known writer and programmer, joins to elaborate on his popular article for Medium about how people should conduct themselves in a tactful, yet polite manner.

“Game Plan” is available on iTunes and on Pocketcasts.  

Bloomberg has launched seven original podcasts over the last 18 months as the company’s digital presence continues to expand. Podcasts are deeply embedded in Bloomberg’s newsroom, drawing from more than 2,400 news professionals in more than 120 countries around the world. 

– Lauren Meller | July 20, 2016