What it is

TRIGR is Bloomberg’s cutting-edge ad technology platform that enables partners to “trigger” the right brand message, in real-time, at the moment that matters most to their business. Capture your audiences’ attention across the Bloomberg Digital network and Bloomberg Television.

How it works

TRIGR provides a targeted opportunity to ensure brand campaigns are active when opportunity strikes — whether it’s a spike in news around a specific topic or market fluctuations such as stock or commodity prices.

In a highly collaborative process, Bloomberg works with partners to identify “triggers” and activation conditions. Then, using a combination of proprietary ad technology and a team of internal experts, ads are “triggered” when conditions are met.

TRIGR Markets activates brand ads when there are changes in the market against a specified stock, commodity, index and more, instantly connecting the audiences at the exact right time for your distinctive goals.

TRIGR News activates brand ads when there is an above-average increase in news articles published against a specific topic, organization, personality and more, allowing brands to ride newsworthy moments and themes.

An initial client for Trigr, the insurance company Hiscox, is using it to promote its cyber security offering, according to Russ Findlay, chief marketing officer at Hiscox. Its ads show up when stocks related to that sector show volatility, suggesting activity and interest in the area.
Ad Age, August 11, 2017