Bloomberg Media’s First Global Travel Study “Now Boarding: The Global Traveler’s Outlook” Explores Post-Pandemic Landscape

October 19, 2022 – Today Bloomberg Media announced “Now Boarding: The Global Traveler’s Outlook” highlighting how both leisure and business audiences view travel today, as they move into a post-pandemic world. With the evolved travel landscape of the last few years, “Now Boarding” takes a deeper look at the current and future travel sentiments and behaviors, using Bloomberg Media’s proprietary qualitative and quantitative study to uncover the common themes and topics with indicative statistical figures. You can find the full regional breakouts and deeper-dive on the data evaluation here. Some insights from the study:

– Travel technology is particularly interesting to travelers in this region with more showing interest in facial technology, smart hotel room/digital concierge, VR tech to check out tourist attractions, etc. than travelers from other regions.

– When it comes to sustainability, 85% said sustainable travel will play a key role in their travel planning.  6 in 10 travelers from APAC are willing to pay more for sustainable travel options offered by airlines/accommodation.

– When it comes to flight cabin class or hotel accommodation, 40% of travelers from APAC expressed the intention to fly in First/Business class for their leisure trips and 74% would stay at a high-end hotel or resort.

– Bleisure is an emerging trend with 1 in 3 business travelers hoping to incorporate leisure activities into their business trips.

  • When it comes to leisure trips, beyond the mainstream holidays such as beach, culture/history, shopping, 36% of travelers from APAC are keen to take a nature driven holiday, while 33% would consider a second city beyond the overcrowded tourism cities.  Meanwhile, 32% are also interested in health/wellness activities, and 1 in every 4 travelers look to do something good in return to local communities when they travel.

In the U.S.:
– The top consideration factors for travelers for hotels are: modern/technology, excellent customer service and convenience.

– 8 in 10 believe sustainability in travel is important. This includes choosing airline/hotel brands that use renewable energy/resources and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

– The top travel trends are wellness, bleisure and nature.

In the EMEA:
– The top consideration factors for travelers for hotels are: COVID safety measures and excellent customer service (especially in the Middle East) and booking/cancellation flexibility.

– Half are willing to pay more for sustainable options in airlines/hotel bookings.

– 3/5 of travelers have tried or are open to trying facial recognition, online virtual reality tours, smart hotels rooms and digital concierge services.

“COVID-19 changed the way the world views and experiences travel now. With ‘Now Boarding’, we were interested in finding out how the pandemic has specifically changed traveler’s outlook, including a deep dive into the areas of concern and the benefits they now seek from travel operators, airlines, and hotels,” said Michelle Lynn, Global Head of Data and Insights for Bloomberg Media.

“Now Boarding” is part of Bloomberg Industry Accelerator which provides industry-leading research on critical topics and groups, including Wealth, Travel,  Financial Advisors, etc. Industry Accelerator is one offering within the Bloomberg Accelerator, the company’s proprietary data platform driving insights, activation, and targeting for advertising partners. Alongside the Industry Accelerator sits the Bloomberg Brand Accelerator, the proprietary brand diagnostic tool that assesses current brand perceptions and future potential of 700+ brands, more on that here.


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