Bloomberg Media Launches First “Brand Ingenuity List” With Its 2022 Brand Accelerator Study

Assessing 700+ cross-sector brands using data to deliver a fresh assessment of brand health to clearly define a company’s ‘ingenuity’

Automotive sector, including highly-ranked Audi, draws strong results; Disney, Citibank, Infosys, BlackRock, NIKE, Warby Parker, Twitter, AirBNB, Siemens and more identified as leaders

Today, Bloomberg Media announced the first Bloomberg Brand Accelerator’s “2022 Ingenuity List,” highlighting the top 100 global companies. Bloomberg Media’s proprietary assessment to date has measured more than 15,000+ decision-makers’ perceptions of 700+ brands on Vision, Strength, Trust, Relevance and Familiarity along with 50+ specific drivers that relate to those categories. Through this study, the attributes that were identified that drive a brand’s ingenuity are: Growing, Innovative, Disrupting Business, Bold and Daring, Invests in Technology, Thought Leader, and Anticipates Customer Needs. This new definition and factor analysis drive the calculations.¹

You can find the full list of companies and deeper-dive on the data evaluation here.  Some insights regarding select leading brands that made the list:

  1. Disney ranks in the top 10 overall and in 98th percentile for “Growing”
  2. Citibank ranks in the top 15 overall and in the 92nd percentile for “Anticipates Customer Needs”
  3. Audi ranks among the top 20 overall and in the 90th percentile for “Investing in Technology”
  4. Twitter ranks among the top 50 overall and in the 82nd percentile for “Disrupting Business”
  5. BlackRock ranks among the top 75 overall and in the 94th percentile for “Bold & Daring”

“The use of the term “ingenuity” across global business encouraged us to take a moment to reflect on what it actually means,” said Anne Kawalerski, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomberg Media. “Luckily, there was a clear path to better understanding it – and why it’s important to industries – rooted in Bloomberg Media’s work to create unique data-led solutions, driven by our proprietary resources and, in this case, a network of 15,000 influential leaders with the expertise to help us assess real impact.”

The Bloomberg Brand Accelerator “2022 Ingenuity List” is the first in an ongoing series of investigations that bring fresh utility to key brand health concepts by evaluating the key dimensions of the Bloomberg Brand Accelerator: Vision, Relevance, Trust, Strength, Familiarity. These metrics are underpinned by dozens of diagnostic measures to analyze both the past performance and future potential of a brand. This Fall, the Bloomberg Brand Accelerator “2022 Purpose List,” will be released timed to coincide with COP27 in Cairo.

“The Bloomberg Brand Accelerator captures uniquely actionable data and brings clarity to assumptions the industry makes about the roots of brand strength,” adds Michelle Lynn, Global Head of Data and Insight for Bloomberg Media. “The study taught us, for example, that ‘technology investment’ as a singular proxy for a brand’s ‘ingenuity’ is an oversimplification. This helps a brand understand what to spend more wisely on, as they grow through four distinctive phases we’ve identified – differentiation, fortification, amplification and rejuvenation.”

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¹These attributes arose as a clear cluster correlated to ingenuity among the participants from a factor analysis conducted across 40+ brand diagnostics included in the data sets, with varimax rotation used to augment the interpretation of results.


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