Bloomberg Media’s Digital Platforms Ranked as Top News Choice among Global Business Influencers Across Asia-Pacific

Bloomberg Media’s digital platforms retain top rank across key audience categories

Singapore: Bloomberg Media’s digital platforms are the top news source among key global business influencers across Asia-Pacific, according to the latest Ipsos Global Business Influencers (GBI) Survey 2022. Bloomberg Media’s digital platforms have retained their top rank and outperformed competitive international news publishers in daily audience reach, ranging across categories from C-Suite to High-Net-Worth individuals.

This ranking comes at a time when the global economic environment has become increasingly volatile on the back of complex geopolitical developments, making reliable news increasingly vital.

Bloomberg’s digital platforms are the #1 daily choice of C-Suite executives among major international news publishers in Asia-Pacific: With 34.6% daily reach among C-Suite professionals, Bloomberg garners the highest daily reach of C-Suite executives in the region.

Over 40% of CFO/Finance directors turn to Bloomberg’s digital platforms daily, making it the top choice of international news for the financial decision makers in Asia-Pacific.

Bloomberg’s digital platforms are the #1 everyday choice of international news for CIOs/CTOs/CISOs in Asia-Pacific: Almost two-fifths (38.6%) of CIO/CTO/CISOs turn to Bloomberg’s digital platforms every day.

Bloomberg’s digital platforms are the top everyday choice of international news for the high-net-worth individuals in Asia-Pacific: 43.1% of HNIs (with assets above US$1 Million), use Bloomberg’s digital platforms every day.

Bloomberg’s digital platforms are the #1 choice of international news for frequent travelers in Asia-Pacific: Almost half (46.8%) of the frequent travelers turn to Bloomberg’s digital platforms on a daily basis. (GBI defines frequent travelers as those who take at least 10 air trips for business or leisure per year)

“2022 has been a turbulent year for the world and there is a lot of uncertainty across the board. Business leaders and decision-makers turn to their most trusted news and information sources in times like these. The loyalty that Bloomberg has garnered among global business influencers and leaders is testament to the trust that our audience puts in us, now more than ever,” said Sunita Rajan, Managing Director, APAC Media Sales and Marketing for Bloomberg.

“The GBI results should remind us all that reliability, accuracy and credibility remain key factors for senior leaders – the sort of factors that they base critical decisions on. They rely on the information provided by places like Bloomberg’s digital platforms to inform their understanding of the key issues that they face in business, and in turn, the global business landscape,” she added.

Source: Ipsos GBI 2022. APAC (Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Australia, India). Claims are based on the total digital daily audience reach. Competitive set includes CNBC, BBC World News, CNN, Financial Times, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Forbes, Time, Fortune and Reuters.
Bloomberg Media’s digital platforms refer to Bloomberg Media’s digital contents in English language only. This includes Bloomberg, Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg Markets.

About GBI
The Ipsos GBI (Global Business Influencers) Survey is a credible business elite audience survey, which serves as an industry currency. It is an annual global survey that interviews senior business elites from different industry sectors who hold an average amount of influencing business decision power worth over US$3Mil. GBI is a highly recognized B2B survey in APAC used by the media publishers/agencies to measure audience reach and capture media consumption habits of this highly influential business elite segment.

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