Introducing ad.apt – a new suite of innovative ad units that transform standard brand assets into dynamic ad experiences

Bloomberg Media Group has launched ad.apt, an innovative ad solution breaking new ground in display advertising.

Leveraging Bloomberg’s unique data, content and design footprint, ad.apt enables Bloomberg to convert a simple set of brand elements into a multitude of high-impact, natively designed formats. ad.apt delivers a range of user experiences featuring video, data and content that can all be switched on with a single set of streamlined brand assets. These ads optimize impact without extra lift by dynamically assembling assets to flow onto any screen and any device.

ad.apt is fully scalable across all of Bloomberg Media Group’s global properties and meets the growing need for ad optimization based on content, audience and distribution performance, while remaining sensitive to editorial context and brand safety.

The dynamic elements of ad.apt include:

  • ad.apt data: Integrates Bloomberg’s relevant data intelligence with a brand’s story, providing real-time information to Bloomberg users as they engage with market-moving news
  • ad.apt story: Engages Bloomberg audiences with content that inspires and informs, by aligning with select Bloomberg topics or showcasing custom brand narratives
  • ad.apt play: Highlights brand videos that are shared cinematically at scale, across screens
  • ad.apt brand: Designed to deliver maximum brand impact with minimum brand resources

Utilizing the full ad.apt product suite allows brands to optimize user experiences to achieve specific performance goals, from awareness and understanding to interaction, engagement and more.

In an ever-changing digital environment, the advertising industry is shifting to deliver a single cross-screen ad solution, and with ad.apt, Bloomberg Media Group has built a cross-platform ad unit that is premium yet turn-key. Advertisers only need to submit a headline, subhead, logo, brand images, video and a call to action, and the final experience is built dynamically in-house by Bloomberg Media Group’s ground-breaking new platform.

A Cisco campaign using the ad.apt Play format. Cisco is the first ad.apt advertiser.

A brand’s distribution and activation plan typically depends heavily on the types of creative assets it creates. In the case of ad.apt, Bloomberg Media Group is responsible for both the dynamic aspects of the campaign as well as the corresponding creative and distribution, delivering efficiency and speed.

Digital Ad Innovation
ad.apt joins Bloomberg Media Group’s ad product portfolio, which has grown from eight products in 2015 to 21 this year. The company continues to see strong demand in ad experiences that create native utility to the Bloomberg user and, consequently, deeper engagement.

An example of a highly successful ad unit is Canopy, which harnesses the same proprietary tech that powers Bloomberg’s digital platforms with full interactive functionality. ScrollView, a mobile unit that reveals a brand’s message as part of readers’ scrolling motion, has been another high-performing ad product. TRIGR has built tremendous momentum since launching in 2017 by turning news and market movements into instant opportunity for brands, and currently makes up 11% of Bloomberg Media Group’s total innovative ad revenues. In 2017, Bloomberg Media Group generated 22% of its total digital advertising revenues from its ad products.

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