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Challenge: Factor Investing is a complex financial strategy used to manage investment portfolios. Once the exclusive realm of institutional investors with supercomputers, BlackRock wanted to democratize access to — and increase awareness/consideration of — Factor Investing to a wider audience of Financial Advisors (FAs).

Solution: Through Bloomberg’s proprietary FA Study, we discovered that for FAs to pay attention, we needed to go beyond data graphs, to do something unexpected.  Our solution was to present this complex financial topic through a cultural lens that engages FAs with the things we know they already love: Music, Dining and Sports.

Concept: Defining Factors with Blackrock
BlackRock’s Andrew Ang, Ph.D. uncovers the factors of expertise across fields from music to sports to fine dining and their unexpected connection to Factor Investing and financial well-being.

Factors Demystified
81% said the campaign made Factors more relatable and intuitive

Increased Sales
28% of FAs discussed investments offered by BlackRock with their clients as a direct result of the campaign