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A raft of recent industry stories highlight how our award-winning EMEA team leads groundbreaking multimedia programs for brand partners in the region and around the globe.  A deep understanding three strategic elements is essential:

1. Using data creatively

Commercial marketing head Penny Bartram and Commercial editor Arif Durrani led the first stop on a tour of innovative media companies presented by the International News Media Association’s annual “Big Data for Media Week.”  The study tour group, which included top business leaders from global media companies, heard about how data is fueling custom content campaigns across multiple platforms at Bloomberg Media.

Left, Bloomberg Media’s Arif Durrani and Penny Bartram lead a study tour of Bloomberg during Big Data for Media Week. Photo: INMA

Big Data for Media Week hosts 200 news media execs from 29 countries to share best practices and key trends in leveraging data – from new business models to next-generation analytics to building brand value. Other stops on the two-day tour included Google, BBC, Telegraph Media, The Guardian and IBM Watson. Nice company!

2. Leading original productions

“day in the life” with creative director Calum Youngson, tracked by the Content Marketing Association, shows the kind of versatility and expertise – not to mention high energy – involved in making great brand videos.

Bloomberg Media EMEA creative director Calum Youngson directs an interview sequence. Photo: CMA

The ride-along features three separate shoots across London in a single day – with different equipment, subjects and shooting conditions, as well as constant liaising with project managers, account execs and production people, all while focusing a close eye on the narrative. It’s no surprise to read that the group’s #Beyond 100 content partnership with BMW has “smashed all benchmarks and is being hailed as a major success.”

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3. Building powerful narratives

Commercial Editor Arif Durrani sat down for a Q&A recently with editors for the World Media Awards, offering an insightful window into what makes owned content so effective for brands – and how to make that content sing: 

“Branded content enables brands to engage with potential customers through powerful, constructed narratives – providing more context than traditional advertising and more craft than traditional PR.”

”…everyone working in branded content has to be aware of the value exchange – no one wants to waste their time being sold to without anything in return – content marketing must inform, entertain or move you emotionally – the currency of any great storytelling.“

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Arif Durrani
Bloomberg Media

– Jen Robinson | March 6, 2017