Hooli shares on a tear, report Bloomberg’s Emily Chang and Brad Stone in ‘Silicon Valley’ cameo

The markets love decisive action, both in the real world and the fictional one. Emily Chang, host of Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg West, and Brad Stone, Bloomberg’s Senior Executive Editor of Global Tech, discussed the fictional rise of Gavin Belson’s Hooli on the premiere of HBO’s third season of ‘Silicon Valley’.

Emily Chang and Brad Stone discuss the market reaction to Hooli’s Hooli-day.

Chang and Stone’s analysis of the fictitious internet company’s stock price and performance adds credibility to the show’s story line. On Bloomberg West, Chang explores the real tech decisions from Silicon Valley and beyond, including how real tech company decisions impact valuations and performance. In addition to her daily TV work, Chang has recently interviewed NextEV’s Padmasree Warrior, Napster co-founder Sean Parker and Google Ventures CEO Bill Maris on Bloomberg’s Studio 1.0.

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Stone authored The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, the award-winning investigative report on the rise of Amazon.com, and he recently interviewed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for Bloomberg Businessweek, marking the social networking company’s 10-year anniversary.

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The cameo isn’t the first collaboration between ‘Silicon Valley’ and Bloomberg. Chang spoke to actor Thomas Middleditch, who plays Richard Hendricks, about the rise of technology and nerd culture in Hollywood at Bloomberg LIVE’s Technology Conference in 2015. This year’s event focuses on invention and will feature Marc Andreeseen, Dropbox’s CEO Drew Houston and Andy Rubin, who created Google’s Android.

Actor Thomas Middleditch, center, speaks with Bloomberg West’s Emily Chang and producer Mike Schur during the 2015 Bloomberg Technology Conference. Photo: David Paul Morris

Bloomberg Technology has recently featured in the feature film The Big Short, HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ and Showtime’s ‘Billions’.

– Shannon Doubleday, April 27