Editor Emma Rosenblum dishes on Bloomberg Pursuits digital redesign

As part of an ongoing evolution of the Bloomberg Pursuits brand, this week we unveiled our redesigned luxury channel on Bloomberg.com. The site – which offers our audience a daily dose of the brand’s intelligent luxury content – now has a new look and feel.

We sat down with Bloomberg Pursuits Editor Emma Rosenblum for a behind-the-scenes tour of the site – read Emma’s Q&A below and then check out Pursuits’ new digital channel!

Q. Congrats on the redesign! What major changes can we expect?
A: The design of the site has been simplified; we’ve blown out our amazing original photography and given our stories more room to breathe. Our article formats are also new and improved and we’ve made it easier to see and find all of our great stories.

The goal of the refresh, and I think we’ve accomplished it, was to align our digital and print products. They now share a similar design and elegant feel, as well as a shared editorial sensibility, which basically comes down to the idea that every story should be smart, useful, upscale, and great-looking.

Q: How will the digital channel complement the magazine content?
A: We have talented writers filing stories for the Pursuits’ digital channel constantly—we publish about five stories a day. The print magazine operates on an entirely different schedule. The final print product is something to sit down with and relish—and then pick up again a few weeks later. Our digital channel, on the other hand, serves our readers’ more immediate needs. There’s a timeliness to our web stories that makes the site an indispensable daily tool. Pursuits magazine might run a long profile of an impressive chef; Pursuits digital will run a review of his restaurant when it’s opened, and give readers information on the best dishes to eat.

Q: How is your editorial vision different for the website vs. the magazine?
A: I think of Bloomberg.com readers as a demographically similar group to Terminal subscribers; there’s a lot of overlap there in terms of leisure interests. Our readers on both platforms are savvy, successful, and busy. They want to know what to buy, what to wear, and where to travel and eat, but don’t necessarily have the time to do that research themselves. That’s where we come in. But I do think of the magazine as a Terminal perk—it’s a special product that not everyone has access to, and that includes extras such as tickets to private events and special editorial tie-ins.

Q: What are we doing differently online versus other luxury media brands?
A: Bloomberg Pursuits is a one-of-a-kind luxury outlet, and I’m thrilled to be at its helm. We have the resources and credibility of Bloomberg Media and News, which means we have reporters all over the globe doing research for us about the best of the best in travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle topics. We bring a credibility to our recommendations and a rigor to our reporting, both digitally and in print, that you won’t find anywhere else in the luxury media world.

– Gina Bulla | April 22, 2016