Bloomberg Wealth Study uncovers significant generational and gender differences among investors

Jen Robinson

Amid this year’s market volatility and economic uncertainty, Bloomberg Media identified a surprising gap in personal finance news: Few publishers were covering the full spectrum from financial planning to investment strategies—and none at all were showing how those activities enable personal development. Bloomberg Wealth, a new content vertical launched by the company on October 1st, was born from this observation.

To help inform strategy for this new effort, which has already seen strong performance among audiences who define success as living well, Bloomberg Media Data Science and Insight conducted the first of two waves of research surveying 1,000 ambitious investors in the United States this fall. 

The findings provide a thought-provoking look at how Americans are managing their finances, revealing surprising disparities between gender and generational groups, as well as looking at the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Download the full report.