Bloomberg Media spotlights audience insight in new monthly series

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Media Data Science and Insight introduced a new monthly audience deep-dive to marketers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Now, we are making these valuable briefings available to wider audiences via this blog, which will be updated each month with new insight.

“Real-time, actionable information on audiences within our modern leader universe helps our partners form strategies that connect their messages with deeply engaged influencers,” said Duncan Chater, Bloomberg Media Head of Advertising Sales for EMEA. “It’s especially powerful amid the extreme uncertainties of the past year and the emerging optimism, even as challenges remain.”

These timely audience insights leverage BloombergAiQ, our proprietary audience and content analysis platform, to deliver focused intelligence on content engagement and consumption patterns, as well as providing insight from Bloomberg experts into what is driving these trends.

We’ll share a new briefing each month throughout the year as the series continues. Follow the links below to read and download, and let us know if you’d like to receive each installment directly in your inbox.

Audience Insight: Policymakers

This month we looked at audiences who hold senior positions in governments around the world. Both on and across 4,000+ B2B publishers.
In 2021, they are deeply engaged with the major issues shaping our world — all inextricably linked to climate. Constantin Cotzias, Global Head of External Relations at Bloomberg shares insight on opportunities and risks that are top of mind for policymakers right now. Victoria Cuming, Head of Global Policy, BloombergNEF explains why policymakers are closely following both Paris Climate Agreement implementation and advancements in electric vehicles.

Audience Insight: Tech-Focused Audiences

This month we highlight what matters to IT decision-makers and high-frequency technology content  consumers, both on and across 4,000+ B2B publishers. In an endlessly evolving world they are deeply focused on understanding key trends, business impacts and how they can continue to protect their systems. Alex Webb, Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion, shares insight into the key questions that tech leaders must answer. Jean Ellen Cowgill, General Manager of Bloomberg Quicktake and Global Head of Strategy and Business Development for Bloomberg Media, shares insight on the content that’s resonating with tech-focused audiences.

Audience Insight: Fashion & Luxury

This month, we explore what’s resonating with high-frequency consumers of luxury and lifestyle content on Bloomberg, as well as luxury ad engagers. They are highly engaged with content that helps them transform their personal and professional lives. Chris Rovzar, Editor, Bloomberg Pursuits sheds light on what’s new in Q2 of 2021 among luxury consumers. Deborah Aitken, Senior Analyst – Luxury, Bloomberg Intelligence shares key trends influencing the global luxury market. Ava Walentowicz, Media Data Analyst, Bloomberg Media, shares data on how visitors engage with luxury messages.

Audience Insight: High Income Earners

This month, we look at Bloomberg audiences with more than $250K in household income. In Q1 this audience were most engaged with humanitarian and social causes and financial news. Joel Weber, Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek, shares insight into how these topics sit together in the business world and inform investment.

Audience Insight: The Global C-Suite

This month, we spotlight Bloomberg audiences with C-level job titles as well as job functions. In Q1 2021, they are highly engaged with technology and climate news topics. Lauren Kiel, General Manager, Bloomberg Green shares expert insight into why climate has profound implications for business strategy.