Bloomberg Media announces global Advertising Week partnership

The measure of success for marketers is still whether you’re making the right communication to the right person at the right time – but the challenge of getting there has never been more complex. Recent years have seen unprecedented change as technologies that enable content creation, data gathering and strategic analysis become ever more sophisticated; the current marketing tech landscape is mind-boggling. 

Fortunately, there’s an eye in the storm: Advertising Week, held in North America, Europe, and – for the first time ever this year – Asia, exists to help a broad community of brand, media, marketing, and technology professionals sort out what’s driving business and what forces are determining the shape of the global advertising industry to come.


Bloomberg Media’s Chief Revenue and Client Relationships Officer Paul Caine speaks on a panel at Advertising Week in 2015.

This week, Bloomberg announced it would partner with Advertising Week as a global sponsor of the three events. “It’s a natural fit for a media company that’s unique in both being truly global and multi-platform,” said Paul Caine, Bloomberg Media’s Chief Revenue and Client Relationships Officer. “For example, we’ve just launched Hello World, a television and digital video series led by a Bloomberg Businessweek writer, which explores new technology hot spots all around the world. We’re delighted to globally support an organization like Advertising Week that brings the same kind of leadership and relevance to marketers everywhere.”

We’re delighted to support @advertisingweek, an organization that brings leadership and relevance to marketers everywhere.” – @paulcaine

Matt Scheckner, Advertising Week’s CEO, added: “Bloomberg stands alone in its delivery of unique, high impact content in real time, no matter what the time zone. We’re excited to have Bloomberg as a global partner for Advertising Week, especially for our inaugural event in Japan.”

The global Advertising Week series kicks off in London this month with Advertising Week Europe. Honing in on the idea that cutting through complexity helps create better solutions, Bloomberg Media will host a session at Advertising Week Europe dedicated to “The Great Advertising Jargon Debate,” offering delegates both inspiring food for thought and tongue-in-cheek insight.  

We’ll be sharing ideas and wisdom that comes out of Advertising Week Europe in London later this month, as well as our advance exploration of exactly what ad industry words like “agnostic,” “native,” and “engagement” mean to ordinary people. And we look forward to bringing you more information and insight from Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo next month and from Advertising Week in New York City – now in its 12th year – this fall.

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– Jen Robinson | April 6, 2016