Bloomberg Media and Hyundai partner on second annual H2 Economy Ranking

Tom Bloch

Today, Hyundai and Bloomberg Media introduced the second annual H2 Economy Ranking, the latest result of a pioneering partnership that began with a workshop in Seoul in 2019. Since that meeting, at which leaders and strategists in each group shared their perspectives on the future of mobility, the two companies have built a unique thought leadership platform focused on the pivotal role of hydrogen in realizing a sustainable future.

Leveraging Bloomberg’s unique access to the latest data and analysis on clean energy investment and adoption, the H2 Economy is a first-of-its-kind data-driven ranking of global hydrogen economies, across priority industries. This ranking was complex in its development, encompassing an in-depth review of the activity of the 15 countries with the most notable investments in hydrogen energy. But it is simple in its visualization, creating a single easily understood score that any nation would want to improve in order to move itself above its rivals in the ranking. 

Both Bloomberg Media and Hyundai were struck that no such authoritative ranking or even data set existed in the hydrogen space. And no real research existed quantifying hydrogen’s applicability today (vs. 50 years from now). Both companies were also intrigued by the possibilities for prompting improved performance that rankings presented — especially when promoted and delivered at scale across Bloomberg’s influential audience of leaders and beyond. 

Such a data-driven and authoritative ranking initiative represented an entirely new form of custom content that Bloomberg Media had never before attempted. Today, the ranking is the centerpiece of the H2 Economy multi-platform custom content campaign, created by Bloomberg Media Studios. In addition to the H2 Economy Ranking, the campaign included a series of custom videos and infographics that helped illustrate hydrogen’s benefits not just in some distant future, but today. 

This collaborative effort has recently been recognized with top industry honors for Hyundai and Bloomberg Media, earning the Best Use of Data win at the 2021 Digiday Content Marketing Awards.

Considering 86% of Bloomberg Media’s audience actively use Bloomberg’s data and information to make decisions, the ranking is poised to create a ripple effect across leaders, policy-makers, and the wider public seeking sustainable transportation solutions. The ultimate goal is to foster long-term impact by presenting the most powerful, authoritative ranking in the relevant field. 

Together, Hyundai and Bloomberg Media are delivering on that goal. The H2 Economy campaign has been one of the highest performing media campaigns for either company, leading 84% of US respondents and 94% of Korean respondents to say they were more interested in owning a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the future (vs. 60% benchmark) after viewing the content. In addition, 78% of those exposed now have a more positive impression of hydrogen’s potential as a viable global energy source.

Given this positive impact, Hyundai is committed to continuing the H2 Economy campaign and H2 Ranking as a long-term annual project. The “thought partner” approach behind the program exemplifies the deeper, strategic relationships that differentiate Bloomberg Media, putting data and insights at the forefront to go beyond the traditional advertising model and enable our clients to advance their businesses, their industries and their communities toward a more sustainable future.

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