Bloomberg Media launches ESG video explainer series

Jen Robinson

This month, Bloomberg Media released the first in a four-part video series, produced in partnership with Bloomberg Intelligence and Bloomberg Media Studios, that explains the way environmental, social and governance concerns are driving business decisions. 

The series is aimed at helping brand marketers and advertising professionals integrate ESG solutions into their business strategy and marketing campaigns. In the first video of the series, Adeline Diab, head of ESG and thematic investing for EMEA and APAC at Bloomberg Intelligence, provides a digest on the growing importance of ESG concerns, and the vital role they are playing in shaping tomorrow’s world. In the second video, Adeline explains how the pandemic has paved the way for a green revolution and gives insight into which companies are set to benefit. Two additional videos will be released this fall. 

“During the past year we’ve tracked how ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals is the one megatrend changing the face of business. Whether you’re working in the finance or marketing functions, in media sales, ad agencies or client side, the importance of embedding ESG goals into your strategies will already be changing how you do business,” said Duncan Chater, Head of Sales, Europe, Bloomberg Media.

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The full video series will be posted below, beginning with Part One today and continuing through 2021. Let us know if you’d like more information about the series or have additional questions on ESG. 

Part One: Why is Everyone Talking About ESG?

Part Two: How has the pandemic paved the way for a Green Revolution?

Part Three: COP26: Ready for a Clyde-built Recovery?

Bloomberg Media Studios, in partnership with Bloomberg Green, filmed episode three of our four-part ESG video series at COP26 in Glasgow. Featuring Bloomberg Green General Manager, Lauren Kiel, this video recaps the takeaways and critical actions at the conclusion of the summit.

Bloomberg Green is the first global business media brand built for the climate change era. Launched in 2020, the brand delivers critical data-driven insight, intellectually bold content and an authoritative voice for the economic, social and cultural dynamics of the biggest challenge of our era. Its mission is to bring to light the solutions that will help those with the ambition and influence to effect change, inspiring action in the fight against climate change and creating deeper connections across businesses, governments and societies.

Part Four: How ESG is Powering Brand Health

In this final episode of our series, Anne Kawalerski, CMO, Bloomberg Media talks about how the ESG agenda is no longer optional.

Data from the Bloomberg Brand Accelerator, which measures perceptions among global corporate decision-makers, confirms that 99% of business leaders now consider ESG efforts and the reputation of companies when making decisions on behalf of their own company. And tellingly, outside of the office 98% of executives also consider brand reputations when making personal purchase decisions.

“The implication for marketers is significant: demonstrating action matters. When a brand’s actions and messages are connected to real, measurable outcomes, it drives meaningful impact and value, both for customers and for society as a whole.”

Anne Kawalerski, CMO, Bloomberg Media