Bloomberg Market Data and News Available for Amazon’s New Echo Show

Bloomberg Media today announced that the Bloomberg Skill is available on Amazon’s new Echo Show. Starting today, consumers can download the “Bloomberg Market Data and News” skill for their Echo Show via the Alexa App to access the latest business and market news, now enhanced with visuals and video content on the Echo Show screen.


The Bloomberg Skill for Alexa offers:

– Live Bloomberg TV
– US stock prices in charts
– US and world market indices with charts
– Bloomberg market summary video
– Bloomberg flash briefings

Echo Show users can launch the skill by saying, “Alexa, Open Bloomberg,” and view market indices and watch live TV by saying, “Alexa, how are the global markets doing today?” or “Alexa, watch Bloomberg TV.”


The Bloomberg Skill on the Echo Show is a visual expansion of its existing presence on other Echo models. With the added screen, the Echo Show allows Bloomberg to deliver our high-quality video content with just a simple ask to Alexa. As connected devices continue to be a growth engine for digital media, Bloomberg aims to better understand how people use voice interfaces to unlock personalized experiences.

– Clara Pyo | June 28, 2017