Bloomberg Intelligence: Is digital advertising’s surge overhyped in the U.K.?

There has been a lot of hype about digital advertising spending’s rise. In the U.S., digital ad spending is projected to replace the category’s king – TV – for the very first time, according to Magna Global. But this dethroning isn’t news in Europe, according to Bloomberg Intelligence’s analyst Tal Smoller. 


There will be a significant milestone for the UK in digital advertising, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Tal Smoller told Mediatel’s Videoscape conference attendees. Photo: Nicky Loh/Bloomberg

However, there will be a significant milestone for digital ad spending in the U.K. this year, she told an audience at Mediatel’s Videoscape 2016 conference on March 22 at Bloomberg’s European headquarters.

“An interesting discrepancy to highlight between the US and Europe is that there has been a lot of hype about the fact that digital may exceed TV ad spend in the US for the very first time. It’s been the case in Europe for many years already, dating as far back as 2013. In the UK, we saw this inflection point even further back in 2010.” 

She adds context to the European advertising industry trends, including the consequential shift towards digital advertising and why Sir Martin Sorrell is thinking more about traditional media. Read the full article on Mediatel’s Newsline.

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