“The Quarantine Atlas” Maps Global Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The new book is curated and edited by Laura Bliss and is a Bloomberg CityLab project

In April 2020, Bloomberg CityLab asked readers to share maps of how the global pandemic had transformed their physical and emotional worlds. Over 600 submissions later, The Quarantine Atlas: Mapping Global Life Under COVID-19 includes 65 homemade maps from readers across six continents that show how the pandemic reshaped the world around them. Curated and edited by Bloomberg CityLab reporter Laura Bliss, the book, which also features eight original essays, documents the loss, trauma, and resiliency during an unprecedented moment in human history.

The Quarantine Atlas: Mapping Global Life Under COVID-19 (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers) is out today. Read more about how the book came together, here. Sign up for CityLab MapLab, a biweekly newsletter about maps that reveal and shape our urban spaces.

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