International Cancer Coalition at Bloomberg New Economy Forum builds momentum for possible cancer regulatory collaboration ahead of Biden-Xi meeting at APEC on November 15th

The Coalition meeting at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Forum convened prominent figures in policy, the pharmaceuticals industry and academia. From left to right: Bob Li, Bi Jingquan, and Chitkala Kalidas.

Singapore, November 14, 2023 – The International Cancer Coalition (“the Coalition”) convened its third meeting at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Forum (“the Forum”). The Coalition, dedicated to fostering global collaboration in cancer research and treatment, has become a critical platform for international dialogue and action against cancer.

Co-chaired by HE Dr. Kevin Rudd, the Ambassador of Australia to the United States and former prime minister of Australia; and Stefan Oelrich, President of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the Coalition brought together bio-pharmaceutical CEOs and leaders from regulatory agencies, academia, and patient advocacy groups for a high-level roundtable discussion. The focus was on advancing patient-centric approaches in international clinical trials and striving for regulatory harmonization across borders, critical steps in the global fight against cancer.

This year’s discussion at the Forum echoed the Coalition’s efforts during the recent U.S. – Australia cancer dialogue, facilitated during Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s state visit to the United States. The dialogue, hosted by the U.S. President Biden and First Lady Dr. Biden, highlighted the importance of international collaboration in cancer research and treatment. Looking ahead, there is anticipation for similar discussions on cancer at the upcoming Biden-Xi meeting at the APEC Summit in San Francisco, further emphasizing the global nature of this challenge.

The significance of U.S.-China cooperation in international cancer care was highlighted at the Coalition’s meeting. Caption: Jing Qian speaking at the Coalition meeting

During the Coalition discussion taking place at the Forum, Kevin Rudd, emphasized the crucial role of the U.S. – China bilateral relationship in international cancer collaboration. He urged U.S. Congress and the administration to prioritize this issue, highlighting the broad spectrum of stakeholders, from oncologists to biopharmaceutical experts, advocating for this cause. In response, Bi Jingquan, Executive Vice Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, a pioneering leader in China’s healthcare policy, acknowledged the complexities and barriers in international cancer care collaboration.

On day two, the Cancer Coalition took to the main stage of the forum, where Dr. Bob Li of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center highlighted the loss of 10 million lives per year to this disease and the importance of a multi-stakeholder, international approach and everyone’s role to play in curing cancer. The Coalition called on individuals from all business sectors to join in this crucial battle.

These high-level discussions come weeks after the release of the C4C policy report, published by Cure4Cancer and the Asia Society Policy Institute in collaboration with the Coalition. This report analyzes the impacts of China joining Project Orbis – a U.S. FDA initiative that provides a framework for the collaborative review of promising new cancer treatments among international regulatory partners. The initiative aims to give patients faster access to promising cancer treatments across the globe.

About The International Cancer Coalition

The Bloomberg New Economy International Cancer Coalition brings together academia, industry, government, patient advocacy and policy think tanks to fight for global health equity by leveraging technology and collaboration to accelerate cancer cures and prevention worldwide.

Bloomberg New Economy Coalitions are data-driven, community-led initiatives that bring together leading experts across the public and private sectors for dialogue, collective recommendations and commitments, and coordinated action around urgent global challenges. Bloomberg New Economy is currently working on two coalitions: The International Cancer Coalition and the Climate Technology Coalition.

The International Cancer Coalition at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Forum. From left to right: Justin Finnegan, Managing Director, APAC, Bloomberg New Economy; Sepideh Shokrpour, Manager, Bloomberg New Economy Coalitions; Carolina Aguilar, Senior Director, Thought Leadership & Community Engagement; Bob Li, Physician Ambassador to China and Asia-Pacific, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Chitkala Kalidas, Global Head, Oncology & In Vitro Diagnostics Regulatory Affairs & Oncology Sustainability, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Jing Qian, Senior Advisor to CEO and President, Asia Society; Harriet Keane, Partner, McKinsey & Company; Robert Daly, Assistant Attending/Thoracic Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center