Bloomberg Media’s new Compass digital ad suite takes a data-driven approach

According to recent research, the attention people give to ads is falling while digital ad spend grows — and the gap is forecast to widen in coming years. To counter that trend, marketers must find more effective ways to reach and engage their most valuable audiences. With its digital ad product suite, known as Compass, Bloomberg aims to provide its partners with highly effective ways to do just that.

“We have the advantage of unmatched access to a global set of business decision-makers, business owners and affluent consumers,” said Spencer Sloe, Global Head of Ad Product & Innovation for Bloomberg Media Group. “At the same time, we’re able to build on our proprietary data tools to create connections other publishers can’t. That’s the foundation of Compass.”

The Compass suite includes a simplified set of products weighted to the points of greatest brand need along the messaging spectrum. At one end sits the turn-key ad.apt format, which allows video, data and content to be switched on across screens with a single set of standard brand assets (such as headline, logo, and brand images). Built in-house, the format offers a high degree of flexibility and rich experience while remaining simple for brands to execute. First introduced in 2018 and recently updated for efficiencies, ad.apt has a track record of outperforming for partners.

At the other end is the new Spotlight format. Intended to be activated in a collaborative, idea-led setting with Bloomberg’s multi-disciplinary team of creatives, data scientists, and technologists, the format provides highly customized, premium ad experiences tailored to brand objectives.

In between, the Compass suite provides brand message amplification tools and
tech-forward solutions. Proprietary targeting capabilities like TRIGR, for example, use data to activate the right message in real-time. Cross-platform experiences extend brand messages into such environments as home audio devices and BloombergTV+. And the Boost format allows brands to amplify key messages by seamlessly converting their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn posts into mobile display ads across Bloomberg environments.

Compass will continue to see ever-deeper data integrations as it evolves.

“We are focused on delivering best-in-class experiences for our premium audience, while also helping marketers navigate an ever-changing landscape due to increasing fragmentation and technological change,” said Stephen Colvin, Bloomberg Media Group’s Global Head of Advertising & Marketing.

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