Bloomberg Media Launches Bloomberg Work Wise, an Interactive Career Calculator and Newsletter Series

Bloomberg Media announced today the launch of Bloomberg Work Wise, a new collaboration between editorial and product teams that includes an interactive career calculator and a limited-run newsletter series for early-career job seekers.

Bloomberg Work Wise delivers personalized data and insights instantly, followed by weekly servings of specialized content to help audiences gain a deeper understanding of today’s key questions and anxieties about career, pay and happiness at work.

Users will be asked to answer a few short questions to reflect their current job, salary, and location, as well as where they’d like to be in their careers. Leveraging public data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census, in addition to job happiness indicators from and Glassdoor, Bloomberg Work Wise shares data on decisions that could support one’s personal career ambitions. Users will see a set of personalized options; whether it’s moving to more in-demand regions where pay for a specific industry is higher, potential salary advantages of pursuing advanced degrees, or job satisfaction associated with specific career shifts.

Bloomberg Work Wise is optimized for mobile, with results delivered via graphics that can be easily shared across social media.

Following the insights, users can sign up for a four-week newsletter series. The newsletters feature original content created exclusively for Bloomberg Work Wise, as well as relevant content aggregated from across Bloomberg news articles, podcasts, video, graphics and more.

Newsletter themes include:

  • The Balance: The most promising career paths for millennials and Gen Z, taking into account the debt load of various professions
  • The Money: How young professionals can afford personal fulfillment and career ambition by being strategic about their finances 
  • The Career: Practical, novel tips for navigating today’s corporate landscape
  • The Pivot: Insights for navigating a job change, including key considerations and not-so-obvious insights regarding how to prep for shifts in your career

“Through our quantitative and qualitative research, we identified a cohort of our audience that turns to Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek for career-related content — on navigating professional growth, strategy and career change,” said Julia Beizer, chief product officer for Bloomberg Media. “Bloomberg Work Wise is our first product aimed squarely at meeting that audience’s needs by elevating the best of this content from around the Bloomberg ecosystem and delivering it to users through a data-backed interactive experience.”

Bloomberg Work Wise will launch with an initial six-month run, and can be found at