This Week: Bloomberg’s Global Media Platforms Spotlight the First New Economy Catalysts Ahead of June 30 Event 

Wednesday’s virtual global gathering marks the launch of a new community transforming the future

Tune in on Wednesday, June 30 at 9:00AM GMT (5:00AM EST) for the inaugural Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst virtual event showcasing the innovators and entrepreneurs accelerating solutions to today’s greatest problems.  Revealed earlier this month by Michael R. Bloomberg, the very first annual cohort New Economy Catalysts are making a significant impact — working across borders, in emerging economies and beyond — to promote economic growth and social advancement around the world.

Andrew Browne, Bloomberg’s New Economy Editorial Director, writes on today: “The coronavirus has raged across the globe for 18 months, bringing with it waves of infection, economic calamity and millions of deaths. But this catastrophe has also led to the delivery of multiple vaccines in record time and new technology that holds promise for treating other intractable afflictions….Behind all of these breakthroughs are scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers. They are catalysts. Collectively, these remarkable figures inspire new ideas, fresh thinking and novel approaches to old quandaries. But most importantly, they incite action.”

All this week, Bloomberg Media will highlight the New Economy Catalysts across its global platforms with special written features, new episodes on Quicktake’s “Game Changers” streaming series, live Bloomberg TV interviews and more:
  • – See the full list of 31 Catalysts from across 6 continents, who are “charting the global course out of the pandemic,” live now on
  • Bloomberg Quicktake – Catalysts will be featured across four special episodes of “Game Changers”– the Quicktake documentary series profiling some of the world’s most influential and determined visionaries who are disrupting their industries
  • Bloomberg Television – More than a dozen New Economy Catalysts will sit down for one-on-one interviews airing all week across Bloomberg TV and BTV+
  • Bloomberg Businessweek – The Technology section of the June 28 issue, out now, includes interview excerpts with New Economy Catalysts who are “remaking the future”
On Wednesday, the first-ever Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst event kicks off with six hours of programming beginning at 5:00am ET and spanning the course of the full day, across the core areas of climate, agriculture, bio-tech, e-commerce, space and digital money. See the full agenda here, and catch the video replay here.

For the latest on Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst and to register for  the virtual event on June 30,  go to: Join the conversation on social media using #BloombergCatalysts and follow the forum on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.