Bloomberg Wins Wincott Awards’ Journalism of the Year Prize

Bloomberg has won the “Journalism of the Year” prize in the 2021 Wincott Awards. The news organization was recognized for ESG reporting, including an investigation into MSCI, which showed that ESG ratings that drive trillions of dollars into sustainable investing have little connection with a company’s impact on the planet, and its extensive reporting on the effect of methane leaks on climate.

The Wincott Awards recognize excellence in financial, economic and business journalism in the UK.

The package of stories that were nominated for the award includes “The ESG Mirage,” “An Empire of Dying Wells,” and “The Cheap and Easy Climate Fix That Can Cool the Planet Fast,” produced by Rachel Adams-Heard, Saijel Kishan, Zachary Mider, Akshat Rathi, Cam Simpson, and Hayley Warren.

On Bloomberg’s investigation of MSCI, the Wincott Foundation’s news release on the awards said: “The judges said it was a remarkable expose, revealing the threadbare methodology of the ESG index and raising many uncomfortable questions about the ESG movement.”

Read the full list of the 2021 Wincott Awards winners here.