Bloomberg Television to Launch New Shows Bloomberg Triple Take and Bloomberg Crypto

Bloomberg ETF IQ will return to the network on March 14, and a new season of Bloomberg Wealth with David Rubenstein will air March 22.

New York — Bloomberg Television today announced the launch of two new shows, “Bloomberg Triple Take,” DEBUTING TODAY and “Bloomberg Crypto,”  which will premiere on March 15.

Bloomberg ETF IQ” will also return to the network, with a focus on the latest news in the global exchange traded funds space. These shows will further Bloomberg’s commitment to providing coverage of news that moves markets and impacts the worlds of business and finance.

Key details for each show:

  • On Monday, March 7, Bloomberg will launch “Bloomberg Triple Take,” which will air live daily Monday – Friday, from 4:30 – 5pm ET. The show will be hosted by Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde, Romaine Bostick, and Taylor Riggs. “Bloomberg Triple Take” will discuss one issue affecting global markets and the economy and split it into three angles from Bloomberg anchors. The program will use the power of the Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg Intelligence, and Bloomberg News to provide analysis and data that can’t be found elsewhere. Topics will range from bottlenecks in the global supply chain to social and economic inequality to the recovery from the pandemic. Delivering three angles on one particular topic will provide investors and viewers with a balanced and complete perspective. 
  • Bloomberg ETF IQ” will return live on Mondays at 1pm ET on March 14. The show will focus on the opportunities, risks, and current trends tied to the trillions of dollars in the global exchange traded funds industry. Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Katie Greifeld, and Eric Balchunas will be joined by leaders in the market, providing critical intelligence to finance advisers and investors. 
  • Bloomberg Crypto,” a new show focusing on all things crypto, will launch on March 15. The program will air weekly on Tuesdays, live from 1-1:30pm ET, and will be anchored by Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Kailey Leinz. “Bloomberg Crypto” will cover the people, transactions, and technology shaping the world of decentralized finance.

“The launch of these new shows underscores our commitment to bringing the latest in market updates, business, and financial news, analysis, and insights to Bloomberg’s global audience,” says Al Mayers, Global Head of Bloomberg Television and Radio.

Bloomberg Wealth with David Rubenstein” will also return for its second season on March 22. Last season, renowned financier, Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group, and philanthropist David Rubenstein provided unparalleled access to some of the world’s most successful investors. In the show’s second season, David Rubenstein will continue one-on-one interviews that uncover the journeys and the lessons learned as investing superstars built wealth for themselves and others. And he will reveal the opportunities they are pursuing next.

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