Bloomberg Quicktake Adds Chris Paul’s “How I Got Here,” Imran Amed’s “The Business of Fashion,” Scott Galloway’s “The Prof G Show” and Francine Lacqua’s “Morning, Noon & Night” to Summer/Fall Lineup

Global Streaming Network Reimagines the Modern Business Network and Primetime Programming 

Announces new distribution partnerships with Amazon news app, Lyft and VIZIO SmartCast® 

New York, April 20, 2021 — Bloomberg Media today provided a first look at Quicktake’s new original programming featuring the latest line up of talent, and showcased the vision for the “network for a new era.” The streaming network also announced new distribution deals with Amazon’s news app on Fire TV, Fire Tablet and Alexa screen devices, Lyft and VIZIO SmartCast®. 

“We hope to reveal something new about business and modern life with our forward-looking programming,” said Tre Shallowhorn, Senior Executive Producer of Bloomberg Quicktake. “Quicktake also covers all aspects of culture today — design, food, travel, sports, entertainment — and we use business as a lens to understand the make up of modern culture, guiding our editorial focus.”

Here are the segments from today’s Bloomberg Quicktake Upfront, detailing the network’s newly announced shows:

11-time NBA All-Star, President of the NBA Players Association and entrepreneur, Chris Paul, hosts an in-depth weekly one-on-one interview series featuring guests from the various worlds he touches — sports, business, entertainment and politics. Each episode is built around a conversation led by Paul, inviting high-profile guests to share their own stories and lessons of advancement.  The first act of each show will focus on the journey — challenges, the failures, and the triumphs. The second discusses the legacy they’re building and projects they’re pursuing. The third inquires about a big decision past, present or future — the kind of risk-taking that can have a meaningful impact. Bloomberg Quicktake’s “How I Got Here” is set to debut this fall. 

From Chris Paul:

“I wanted to create this show with Bloomberg, so that I could get more insight into different entertainers, musicians, athletes, politicians, and industry leaders to just find out what makes them tick. I’m one of those people who always wants to see ‘behind the door’ and if there’s a big [business] deal, know how, when and why,”  

“Business leaders have inspired me to never give up and keep moving forward. I hope viewers take away from these conversations some type of inspiration and understand the way they see people today wasn’t always their story. They’ve had obstacles and hardships, but that doesn’t have to be the end.”

In this new weekly show from Bloomberg Quicktake and The Business of Fashion, we use the prism of fashion to explore culture, human rights, sustainability, technology and business topics that are part of the global zeitgeist. The Business of Fashion’s CEO Imran Amed examines issues like the environmental impact of e-commerce, the rising class of creatives in Africa and how influencers have upended the industry altogether. The show will look at how fashion is tackling some of the world’s largest problems and the larger significance of fashion’s impact on all corners of culture. The show “The Business of Fashion” (working title), is set to premiere this fall.

From Imran Amed:

“The mission of The Business of Fashion from the very beginning was to get people to understand that fashion is not just this creative sphere. It’s also a massive global business that touches hundreds and millions of people around the world. Quicktake is the perfect context because it’s the place to tell global business stories.” 

Hosted by award-winning Bloomberg anchor Francine Lacqua in London, Kurumi Mori in Tokyo and Jennifer Zabasajja in New York, “Morning, Noon and Night” is a global discussion analyzing the top stories of the day and how business, politics and culture are reshaping tomorrow’s competitive landscape. Relying heavily on data, forecasts and expert interviews, the show will focus less on what happened today and on what will happen tomorrow, handicapping the chances of likely outcomes. 

From Francine Lacqua:

“At Quicktake, we know our audience has seen the headlines. They don’t want another network to tell them what’s happening right now, they need to understand what it will mean for years to come. That’s our daily task at Quicktake. We use every indicator we can get our hands on, data, forecasts, but also experts on the ground and at Bloomberg we have access to a lot of information.” 

NYU Stern Professor and bestselling author, Scott Galloway stars in a fast and fluid weekly show, in which Scott tears into the taxonomy of the tech business with unfiltered, data-driven insights, bold predictions, and thoughtful advice. The show will kickoff with Galloway’s insights on a single topic, using his unique blend of data-driven commentary and humor. He also interviews guests who both complement and challenge his thinking on various issues of today and delivers an “Office Hours” segment, providing the world an “open door” to the advice of the nine-time entrepreneur.  The show closes with the “Algebra of Happiness,” reflecting Galloway’s hard-won wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life and career. Bloomberg Quicktake’s “The Prof G Show” is set to debut this summer. 

From Scott Galloway: 

“We’re going to try to collapse and collide the day’s news, the most interesting news, with trends around society. We’re going to try to cover without fear or favor, but we’re also going to try to cover and find the stories that no one is talking about, the most interesting stories, specifically around the markets, around investing, and how politics, society and capitalism all intersect.” 

“Our job, our mission is to make you smarter, entertain you so you can digest this information and give you an edge such that you can develop economic security for you and your family. I’ve worked with Bloomberg for the last 15 years. It’s data driven, it’s thoughtful, it’s committed to integrity, journalism and has global reach.”

The Quicktake Upfront also featured the latest slate of signature series including: Next Jobs, Portrait, Business of Sports, Behind the Design, MADE, System Shock, Accelerate, China+, Good Money, Future of Work, and Moonshot.

“We are living through a time of historic transformation. These new shows and series investigate the individuals, cultural trends, and global events shaping our collective future,” said Jean Ellen Cowgill, GM of Quicktake and Head of New Ventures at Bloomberg Media.  “Quicktake serves a new generation of business professionals. We hope to challenge assumptions about what a business network can be.”

Alongside the original primetime programs, live shows featuring Quicktake correspondents  Scarlet Fu, Jason Kelly, Mady Mills, Kurumi Mori, Tim Stenovec, Ashlee Vance and Jennifer Zabasajja, will continue delivering breaking news and global insights throughout the day, following the successful launch of the streaming channel in November 2020.

Bloomberg Quicktake pairs global headlines and data with premium, original storytelling. The news network covers a broad range of stories across business, technology, climate, culture,  politics, society and personal finance. From December 2020 through February 2021, Quicktake reached 7.4 million average monthly viewers via its streaming channel and had 56 million average monthly viewers of its on demand videos across social platforms.

Bloomberg Quicktake is available through the Bloomberg App on Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV, as well as on Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, Rakuten TV, Tubi, Haystack News, Local Now, DistroTV, STIRR and News Player Plus. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and subscribe on YouTube on Quicktake and Quicktake: Now.


Clara Pyo
Bloomberg Media