Bloomberg News Wins New York Financial Writers’ Association’s Impact Award

NEW YORK (January 27, 2022)– Bloomberg News has won the New York Financial Writers’ Association’s (NYFWA) Impact Award for the “Addicted to Profit” series by Nacha Cattan, Cam Simpson, and Michael Smith.

Bloomberg’s series exposed how leading U.S. chemical companies fuel the labs of Mexican narcotic cartels flooding America with deadly drugs. The reporting by Cattan, Simpson, and Smith spurred government investigations and forced two of the companies involved to remove from the Latin American market their supply of chemicals that are needed to make heroin and cocaine.

Read stories in the series here:

Founded in 1938, NYFWA is the oldest organization of its kind devoted to advancing business and financial journalism. The Impact Award honors a story or body of work by business journalists whose reporting spurred change, irrespective of when the story or stories were published.

NYFWA will host a webinar on Feb. 9 to honor the 2021 Impact Award recipients.

View details about the ceremony here and more on the award here.