Bloomberg Media partners with speech AI Dubbing start-up Papercup to localize its award-winning news for Spanish-speaking countries

  • Bloomberg Media has partnered with Papercup to localize hundreds hours of video content through AI dubbing 
  • The partnership is expected to reach millions of Spanish speakers across the US and Latin America

November 15th – Bloomberg Media, the global business and financial information and news leader, today announces its partnership with UK artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, Papercup, to localize hundreds of hours of video content through AI dubbing on YouTube for Spanish-speaking audiences in Latin America and the US.

The partnership will feature AI used to translate and dub Bloomberg’s global news coverage, financial market analysis and documentaries. The localized content is anticipated to reach millions of viewers in the next year, allowing Bloomberg’s high quality content library to reach previously untapped audiences.

Founded in 2017, Papercup offers an AI and machine learning-based system that localizes videos into other languages using synthetic voices with true emotional depth. Content AI dubbed by Papercup has already reached over 300 million people in non-English speaking territories.

Customers upload their videos, choose a target language and then receive a translated version with a synthetic voiceover that is indistinguishable from human voices.

By deploying its bespoke systems to create expressive synthetic voices specifically suited for video, Papercup generates engaging translated content that outperforms subtitled offerings and can be delivered at a scale and price that traditional dubbing struggles to match.

Travis Winkler, General Manager, Video and Audio, Bloomberg Media said: “As a global news leader, it’s Bloomberg’s mission to ensure that reliable, trustworthy news can reach as many people as possible. Papercup’s advanced AI tools give us an exciting new way to reach global audiences, and we expect to see audiences respond enthusiastically.”

Jesse Shemen, CEO of Papercup said: “At Papercup, our mission is to make the world’s videos watchable in any language. There are billions of hours of video stuck in a single language – our AI dubbing tool will unlock vast volumes of this content for a global audience. I’m excited about working with Bloomberg given their unparalleled track record of producing financial news content that an entire industry depends on. I have no doubt that audiences across the globe want to engage with and share their content – I’m looking forward to Papercup playing a part of that journey.”

About Bloomberg Media 

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About Papercup:

Papercup was founded in 2017 by Jesse Sheman and Jiameng Gao with a mission to make all the world’s videos watchable in any language. The pioneering AI company, using state-of-the-art machine learning, Papercup has created a text-to-speech system capable of translating people’s voices into other languages with a delivery that is indistinguishable from human speech while retaining characteristics of the speaker’s voice. Papercup empowers global companies such as Sky News, Insider, Cinedigm, and Bloomberg to reach an international audience eager to watch videos in their native language which they couldn’t access before. The London-based startup has raised over $30.5 million in funding to date, with backers including the media titan Sky (now owned by Comcast) to VCs including Octopus Ventures, LocalGlobe, Sands Capital and angels investors such as Des Traynor, Co-founder of Intercom, John Collison, Co-founder of Stripe and Zoubin Ghahramani ex-Chief Scientist & VP for AI at Uber.