Bloomberg Media Launches the “Global Wealth Blueprint: Emerging Trends About the Modern Investor” Exploring the Behaviors of Investors Around the World

NEW YORK – New research fielded by the Bloomberg Industry Accelerator, Bloomberg Media’s leading source of proprietary sector and audience related analyses and thought leadership, illustrates emerging trends among investors around the world. The Global Wealth Blueprint: Emerging Trends About the Modern Investor, surveyed more than 4,600 investors, focusing on APAC, Continental Europe (France and Germany), UAE, UK, and US, to gauge investor behavior amidst a rapidly changing financial landscape. The research, conducted in the spring 2023, examines the investing habits, decisions and sources of advice of affluent investors.

“In a world of uncertainty we know that media consumers are prioritizing engaging with news and information about markets and finance, and how world events can impact their portfolios,” said Bloomberg Media Chief Revenue Officer Christine Cook. “The Global Wealth Blueprint is designed to accelerate the industry’s understanding of the investor mindset and how these audiences are preparing for and thinking about the future.”

The research also displays the top motivations of investors, their attitudes towards disruptive technology, such as AI, and their generational and regional differences.

The research found that economic volatility has had the greatest impact on decision-making globally including the likelihood to work with a financial advisor, wealth diversification and the use of new technology. 

Key findings include: 

  • Across all regions, investors are seeking to diversify their means of wealth building, and Equity and Stock Markets ranked as the #1 way investors globally are diversifying their income outside of a job.
  • Over 70% of European and US investors are optimistic that there are more ways to build wealth now than 20 years ago.
  • European and APAC investors think macroeconomic factors will have a greater influence on their portfolios than US-based investors.
  • When it comes to ESG investing, over 80% of investors globally believe “personal values impact investment decisions.”
  • “Continuous Monitoring” and “Better Forecasting” are globally viewed as some of the top benefits of using AI with investing.

For more information the global research summary can be found HERE.

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Investors in the Spring 2023 research sample fell within the following criteria: ages 18+, equal gender balance, self-directed investors as well as those who use financial advisors, investable asset minimums.

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