Bloomberg Media Launches Bloomberg Green, A Global Multiplatform News Brand Focused on Climate Change

Features reporting on the business, science, and technology of climate

Interactive dashboard tracks climate data

NEW YORK, January 21, 2020 — Today, Bloomberg Media launched Bloomberg Green, a new multiplatform editorial brand focused on climate change news, analysis, and solutions. Bloomberg Green includes a new website featuring a global, interactive climate data dashboard, a daily email newsletter, a podcast, and a magazine. It will also include integration across digital video, QuickTake by Bloomberg, Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg TV+, Bloomberg Radio, and Bloomberg Live events. Bloomberg Green went live today on and on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Drawing on Bloomberg’s global newsroom of 2,700 journalists and analysts across 120 countries, Bloomberg Green will center on the business, science, and technology of climate change. The brand will utilize Bloomberg’s deep data expertise to produce original reporting and solutions-driven coverage, as well as business and investment focused content. Bloomberg Green starts with an established audience for climate, sustainability and green finance coverage, as Bloomberg News already publishes hundreds of stories each month on these subjects across its platforms.

“The climate change era is upon us and Bloomberg Green will be the first global business media brand wholly dedicated to this essential story,” said Justin B. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Bloomberg Media. “From the onset Bloomberg Green will be a multiplatform brand, creating deep connections with our audience at every stage of their media consumption cycle across digital, audio, video, live events and print. Like the climate story itself, Bloomberg Green will span the entire globe, leveraging Bloomberg Media’s unrivaled footprint.”

“We want Bloomberg Green to be the indispensable guide to anyone who wants to understand the great transition that is climate change ⁠— investors, politicians, chief executives and scientists to be sure, but also clever readers everywhere,” said John Micklethwait, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief. “Our hope is that it will bring clarity and data where there is currently fog and fear ⁠— just as Bloomberg has brought light to other once opaque subjects.”

Aaron Rutkoff becomes Editor of Bloomberg Green, overseeing global climate coverage and the new magazine. He previously launched Bloomberg’s Hyperdrive vertical on the future of transportation technology.

Founding Partners for Bloomberg Green include Amazon, HP Inc., JLL, PGIM and Tiffany & Co. These companies -— together representing the retail, technology, real estate, financial services and luxury industries — have committed to supporting Bloomberg Green across its launch year in an effort to address critical issues related to climate and sustainability. This includes participation in the inaugural Bloomberg Green live event, as well as custom content and integrations created by Bloomberg Media in collaboration with each Founding Partner. Presenting sponsors, including Iberdrola, will also support Bloomberg Green activations throughout the year.

Key features of Bloomberg Green:

  • Data Dashboard. A dynamic dashboard of environmental and energy metrics is central to Bloomberg Green, giving readers a straightforward, highly visual way to understand what’s happening in climate developments right now. These live data points, original to Bloomberg Green, include tracking of tree loss, air pollution, carbon-free energy and more. The Data Dash includes a compelling data-visualization experience anchored by additional reporting and interactive graphics, and will be incorporated into every Bloomberg Green story.
  • Daily newsletters. The Bloomberg Green Daily e-mail newsletter will be hosted by a different Bloomberg Green journalist each business day of the week, focusing on individual topics from climate impact, science, zero-emission technology, sustainable investing, and the energy transition. Readers can sign up to receive it here.
  • and Bloomberg App. A dedicated website features original reporting, long form storytelling, rich data visualizations, graphics, and video and audio features. Bloomberg Green will also be featured on Bloomberg’s mobile app.
  • Magazine. Bloomberg Green will publish a magazine, and the first issue will launch in April for Earth Day. Each issue will focus on a signature theme, combining new reporting and features alongside a collection of premier climate journalism. The magazine will be printed on 100% recycled paper and its content will appear on the Bloomberg Green website and on the Terminal.
  • Live events. Bloomberg Live will curate marquee Bloomberg Green events. To kick off, Bloomberg will host a special Bloomberg Green conversation on solutions needed to create meaningful climate action at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 22. Bloomberg Green programming will also be incorporated into other Bloomberg Live global events throughout the year.
  • Video and audio. Bloomberg Television and Radio will feature regular Bloomberg Green segments on their global programming, including a weekly Green Power segment on Bloomberg TV featuring climate thought leaders and a weekly Green Business segment on Bloomberg Radio, following developments in sustainable investing, clean energy, and more through the lens of business opportunity. In addition, Bloomberg Green will integrate digital video series from QuickTake by Bloomberg and a Bloomberg Green podcast will debut later this year.
  • Thought leaders. Three new columnists will write regularly: science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson, climate researcher Kate Mackenzie, and New York University Professor Gernot Wagner. Bloomberg Green will also publish op-ed pieces contributed from around the world.
  • Social media. Bloomberg Green can be found on Instagram and Facebook (@bloomberggreen) and on Twitter (@climate). Bloomberg’s deep data sets will power highly shareable, easily digestible news analysis via Datagrams — a high-performing Instagram Story platform that creates data visualizations tailored for social.

Founding Partners:

  •  “We’re an enthusiastic supporter of initiatives like Bloomberg Green that build a wider understanding of climate change and the solutions to address it,” said Dave Clark, Senior Vice President, Operations, Amazon. “We’ve decided to use our size and scale to make a difference by co-founding, with Global Optimism, The Climate Pledge. We’re inviting companies to join us in meeting the Paris Agreement goals 10 years early – and to play a critical role in stimulating investment in the development of low carbon products and services needed to help transition to a low carbon economy.”
  •  “Climate change and making a sustainable impact is a business imperative and we believe companies have a responsibility to take immediate action. We are proud to support the influence, advocacy and creativity behind Bloomberg Green to serve as a news and storytelling beacon for the powerful role business can play in driving lasting change,” said Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer, HP Inc.  “The world’s most trusted brands stand for more than the products they sell. They are built on strong values and lead with purpose.”
  •  “It is essential for the business community to pool knowledge, resources and best practices to help address the management and mitigation of climate change. The urgency of this challenge demands we prioritize collaboration over competition,” said Christian Ulbrich, JLL CEO. “Initiatives such as Bloomberg Green are vital to focusing and accelerating these efforts. JLL will be playing a full and energetic part in Bloomberg Green, consistent with our core commitment to shaping the future of real estate for a better world.”
  •  “With Bloomberg’s proven leadership in reporting on critical sustainability issues, we’re thrilled to be a founding partner of Bloomberg Green. We share a fundamental commitment to supporting communities, promoting conservation and addressing climate change — which we believe to be the defining issues of our time — and look forward to partnering with Bloomberg Media to bring important sustainability storytelling to life,” said Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tiffany & Co.

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