Bloomberg Media Debuts Bloomberg Green Quarterly Magazine

A Collection of Longform Features, Opinion Essays, Data Projects, Deeply Researched Science Writing and Stunning Visuals

NEW YORK, June 9, 2020 – Today, Bloomberg Media launched Bloomberg Green magazine, a quarterly collection of premier climate journalism. With a focus on solutions, readers will discover stories on science, environmental impacts, zero-emission tech, green finance, culture, and design, drawn from Bloomberg’s global newsroom of 2,700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. The new print product is part of the recently launched Bloomberg Green, a cross-platform editorial brand dedicated to reporting on climate change.

“Through original reporting, visual storytelling, bold design and photography, we want the Bloomberg Green magazine to be a showcase of our best climate journalism. Our ambition is to create something that readers keep for a long time, as a regular barometer of one of the most important topics of our era,” said John Micklethwait, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief.

The debut issue of Bloomberg Green features a cover package exploring ways stimulus spending enacted in response to the Covid-19 virus can be used toward climate recovery; an introductory essay by Michael Bloomberg on why the coronavirus crisis will be a turning point for climate change; a feature package on plastic waste; an in-depth look at the nearing collapse of Australia’s most important river system; a data project showing executives with direct links to clean energy rarely sit in leadership positions at leading U.S. and European banks; a review of an electric bike; and more.

Printed on 100% recycled paper, each edition of the magazine will open with a front section titled “Now,” to contextualize and help audiences gain a deeper understanding of the most urgent climate-related news and current events. The closing section, “Next,” will look ahead to offer insight into future issues that will have an impact on the climate agenda. The Bloomberg Green Data Dash – a digital scorecard that measures climate change and energy transition in real time – is reimagined for print, with the debut edition featuring graphics and charts measuring the impact of the coronavirus on the environment.

“The Bloomberg Green brand is dedicated to driving global dialogue and thought leadership around these vitally important issues,” said Justin B. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Bloomberg Media. “With Bloomberg Green magazine, we are expanding upon our commitment as the first multi-platform global business brand for the climate change era, and forging deeper connections with our partners and audience in new ways and formats.”

Advertisers for the first Bloomberg Green magazine include Amazon, HP Inc., Iberdrola, JLL, Morgan Stanley, and Paper and Packaging Board.

Founding Partners for Bloomberg Green include Amazon, HP Inc., JLL, PGIM, and Tiffany & Co., as well as Presenting Sponsors, Iberdrola, Standard Chartered, and Yokogawa Electric Corporation. These companies have committed to supporting Bloomberg Green across its launch year in an effort to address critical issues related to climate and sustainability.

“We know our readers already see global warming as an existential problem. But it’s harder to make the emerging era of climate solutions as vivid and real and these climate risks,” said Aaron Rutkoff, Editor of Bloomberg Green. “We’ve created this new publication to become a chronicle of what’s possible, and we printed it on glossy pages because magazines are one of the most powerful ways to shape public understanding of big ideas.”

Bloomberg Green is distributed to Bloomberg Media’s All Access subscribers. The magazine is available on e-reader platforms, as a digital format on the website and on the Bloomberg Terminal. On June 19, Bloomberg Media will convene a virtual launch event to mark the inaugural issue of Bloomberg Green magazine, featuring industry experts and Bloomberg journalists discussing urgent climate change issues. Register here to participate.

Launched in January 2020, Bloomberg Green is a multi-platform news brand centered on the business, science, and technology of climate change. Offering news, analysis, and solutions, its content appears on the Bloomberg Green website, a daily email newsletter, a podcast, the Bloomberg Green magazine, and the Bloomberg Terminal, with integration across digital video, Bloomberg QuickTake, Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg TV+, Bloomberg Radio, and Bloomberg Live events.

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