Bloomberg Launches Podcast: “Material World”

Bloomberg today announced the debut of a new podcast that brings a consumer twist to topics that impact business. “Material World” is hosted by Bloomberg Retail Reporter Lindsey Rupp and Bloomberg Beverage, Tobacco and Cannabis reporter Jennifer Kaplan.

In their podcast every other week, Rupp and Kaplan will explore one part of the universe of consumable goods including what you eat, drink, wear and even smoke. They’ll delve into why we spend our money on these things and the people behind the products. They’ll get the scoop from trendsetters and experts on what’s hot, what’s not and why you should care.

The debut episode addresses the craft movement of consumable goods including two big favorites…beer and ice cream.

Episode 1. Craft is dead. Long live craft.
More than ever, people want the stuff they buy to be special, one-of-a-kind, artisanal. The trend is helping small, local businesses and hurting old standbys like MillerCoors and Kellogg. Is “craft” just another meaningless marketing term? Can people even tell the difference?

Guests and highlights from the episode include:
Taylor Hanson, Isaac Hanson, Zac Hanson: The musicians behind the Hanson Brothers Beer Company explain why they believe consumers are just at the start of the craft revolution.

“We don’t see much of a gap between making an amazing beer, launching a festival, writing songs for other people or starting a label. It’s the same desire to build things you’re proud of and make a connection with people through those things.”

Brian Smith: The founder of Brooklyn-based Ample Hills Creamery navigates what it takes to grow into a successful business while staying true to its roots. He says,“The soul of Ample Hills is brick and mortar shops — we want each one to feel like a unique place with its own signature flavor churned on site.” Additionally, four Bloomberg reporters conduct a blind taste test of three different brands of the same flavor of ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s, Ample Hills and a generic brand from Walgreens.

Bloomberg Consumer Reporter Craig Giammona delves into what the average shopper really thinks about craft and whether terms like “natural,” “organic,” “non-GMO” are just marketing speak. He discusses Kashi being bought by Kellogg, Annie’s being bought by General Mills and Ben & Jerry’s being bought by Unilever.“Big food has sort of learned its lesson and the end example is one of a success story at this point.”