Bloomberg Launches New TV Programming for Africa

Bloomberg Television is launching new programming for Africa to complement its existing coverage in the region, including the new monthly flagship TV programme Africa Amplified and an expansion of its flagship daily morning show Daybreak Middle East and Africa.

On Bloomberg Television, the morning show Daybreak Middle East & Africa will now extend to two hours a day, with the second hour co-anchored by Jennifer Zabasajja from Bloomberg’s new studio in Johannesburg, which was formally opened on November 2.   The show delivers the market news, data, and analysis that business leaders and viewers across the region need to start their day.

Launching on November 3, Africa Amplified is a new monthly show on Bloomberg Television that takes an in-depth look at the biggest stories from across the continent. Focusing on the rapidly evolving business, science and technology landscape, Africa Amplified will look at the major developments and hear from the key people behind these stories.

Alongside these new additions to its television schedule, Bloomberg offers its influential audience of business leaders and consumers global news coverage across its multiple platforms including digital, TV, radio, streaming video, print, and live events. continues to be a leading digital destination for news powered by its news hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa in Abuja, Accra, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lagos, and Nairobi and its global network of more than 2,700 journalists and analysts.  The weekly newsletter Next Africa, delivered to subscribers’ inboxes, provides perspective on the continent from Bloomberg’s senior reporters and bureau chiefs.

Bloomberg Television will also expand its coverage in Africa this year, adding live reporting from Johannesburg, Kigali, and Lagos to enhance its breaking-news operations and analysis from the region.