Bloomberg Debuts Work Shift, a Destination Dedicated to the Future of Work

NEW YORK, September 22, 2022 – Today, Bloomberg launched Work Shift, an editorial destination dedicated to covering the future of the workplace. Coverage will guide users on how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape, including the ongoing return-to-office (RTO) debate, recruiting and retaining talent, emerging workplace technologies and navigating careers. Work Shift will provide content across a dedicated website, a weekly newsletter, and integration across Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Quicktake, audio, and the Bloomberg Terminal.

“The workplace has shifted dramatically over the past two years, with employers experimenting with hybrid schedules, office layouts, and new policies. As concepts like return-to-office, frontline employees and the Great Resignation have all become household terms, Work Shift will help our readers prepare for these changes and what’s coming next,” said Brian Bremner, Bloomberg Senior Executive Editor, Global Business.

Work Shift will focus on four key coverage areas, including Work in Progress (recruitment, retention, RTO and the war for talent); Modern Management (leadership and c-suite trends); Future You (career stories); and Technology and Skills (automation, AI and other technologies). It will cut through the clutter and buzzwords to explain what’s really going on inside the cubicles and boardrooms of companies, as well as what’s on the minds of managers, whether they run a global conglomerate or a local coffee shop. Some stories featured on Work Shift now include:

Leveraging Bloomberg’s extensive data and global newsroom of over 2,700 journalists and analysts, editorial efforts for Work Shift are led by editor Nicole Bullock, senior reporter Matthew Boyle, and writers Arianne Cohen and Jo Constantz. Julia Hobsbawm, award-winning business writer and consultant, and author of The Nowhere Office, has joined as a contributing commentator writing the ‘Working Assumptions’ column.

“Business leaders and rising professionals are adapting quickly to the transformation of the workplace,” said Marissa Zanetti-Crume, Head of Product, Bloomberg Media. “By leveraging the full scale of Bloomberg Media’s ecosystem, Work Shift will meet our audience where they are and provide them with actionable advice and data-backed insight to futureproof their business and career.”

Baker Tilly and Verizon are launch sponsors of Work Shift.

“Baker Tilly is excited to partner with Bloomberg Work Shift as organizational leaders need answers to the challenges facing their business. Through this partnership, we hope to inspire leaders to find new solutions and unleash their potential,” said Jacqueline J. Wiggins, Principal & Chief Strategy Officer, Baker Tilly.


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