Bloomberg Equality

A multi-platform global initiative built on the transparency of data – and designed for real action.

Diversity is not just an HR issue. It’s a business issue, and it impacts the global economy. Rooted in Bloomberg’s commitment to change people’s lives in meaningful ways across a variety of causes, including key initiatives focused on gender equality and diversity & inclusion, Bloomberg Equality provides a platform to discuss the future of equality, how we get there and what is at stake.

Measurable: Proprietary intelligence brings quantifiable visibility to the issues that contribute to inequality.

Inclusive: Expanded discourse on race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic
diversity and much more – unlike other initiatives focused solely on gender.

Actionable: A driving intent to not only raise awareness, but to build real solutions for employees, businesses and economies.

Anchored in full-day events taking place in New York, London and Mumbai, Bloomberg Equality will cultivate forward-looking conversations across media platforms, shining a spotlight on leaders across businesses and global economies paving the way, and delivering an effective platform for real solutions to come to life.

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