Next for tech: Bloomberg’s Hello World launches, supported by CA Technologies

Virtual reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT): if you’ve been following the news from 2016’s major tech gatherings, from CES to MWC to SXSW, you know that this is the year they’re going to blow up. But how are these emerging technologies fueling new applications that could drive the next big transformation, and what do you need to know about them?


As of today, Bloomberg Businessweek technology writer Ashlee Vance, author of The New York Times best seller “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” is officially on the case. With the launch of Hello World, a new digital video and television series from Bloomberg, he dives into the explosion of technology all around the globe, finding the subcultures that are rewriting the rules.

Watch: Hello World Episode 1

The new series combines several firsts: Not only is it the first digital tech travel show of its kind, it’s the first show to incorporate Snapchat footage in its storytelling, making use of tech to both explore and deeply embed viewers in Vance’s quest to find revolutionary new technologies. 

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CA Technologies, a global leader in software solutions and the exclusive advertising partner of the show, is leading its own deep exploration of the new app-driven world. CEO Michael Gregoire, a Silicon Valley veteran, has written about the need to become an agile society, applying the term for a leading-edge software development approach that emphasizes collaboration and rapid iteration to broad-based cultural changes. 


And below, Otto Berkes, Chief Technology Officer of CA Technologies, shares three key themes that will drive the tech and business agenda in 2016:

1. Real-time analytics drive customer value.

Analytics are most useful when applied to specific problems – not general ones. Big analytics packages looking for that “needle in the haystack” aren’t the answer. Analytics isn’t ever going to be the solution to anything, but increasingly, it’s going to be part of the solution to everything.

Analytics will enable organizations to personalize services, pricing, sales and products in real-time – and techniques that use behavior patterns and machine learning will identify fraudsters and provide seamless experiences for real customers.

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2. IoT moves from the realm of interesting possibilities to the world of real applications.

The “identity of things” will be a major topic in 2016. Just as a person’s ID needs authenticating, the “identity” of any device and any data flowing to and from it must be confirmed and trusted.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a high-potential technology; analytics and security hold the key to driving more value for customers.

3. Blockchain finds its footing.

The surprise of 2016 will be the resurgence of blockchain technology. Blockchain is poised for renewal, driven by the IoT and the need to secure and record the engagements among devices.

It’s as if blockchain was purpose-made for IoT. IoT needs a technology, like blockchain, that relies on a network of computers and has privacy at its core. The capability exists for blockchain to become the storage of choice for sensors and IoT in general.

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– Jen Robinson | March 23, 2016