Michael Shane named Bloomberg Media’s Global Head of Digital Innovation

M. Scott Havens, Bloomberg Media’s Global Head of Digital, sent the following memo to staff today:


Over the past year, everyone has worked diligently to define and set the foundation for Bloomberg Media’s digital future. We’ve launched new products, added new talent, reworked key processes, prioritized mobile apps, global expansion and digital video, all of which has helped us realize double digit digital revenue increases vs. last year. We’re now in a better position to thoughtfully map out our long-term strategy and pursue new digital products that increase our audience of global executives, drive far deeper and consistent engagement and underpin further global revenue growth.

To that end, I’m thrilled to share with you today that we have promoted Michael Shane to a new role as Global Head of Digital Innovation, reporting to me. It’s hard to imagine many better suited to fill this new role: as Managing Editor for Bloomberg Digital, Michael has accomplished a great deal in his two years at Bloomberg, collaborating with many teams across editorial, product, engineering, and sales to help architect our digital posture. He has helped lead our efforts around podcasts and digital video, where he has served as a leader in developing new products, such as Rithm, which he debuted on stage in front of industry leaders and peers at our Newfront presentation earlier this year. And, his passion, energy, understanding of the digital ecosystem, and creative instincts are not only infectious, but critical for our next phase of growth.

Bloomberg Media Global Head of Digital Innovation Michael Shane

Michael will continue to partner with and work across many diverse teams, including editorial, product, engineering and sales, where he will play an important role in driving a more aggressive slate of global innovation. He’ll spend time in each region collaborating with our various teams, looking down range – 6 months to two years or more in the future – for new opportunities to grow our audience, engagement, and revenue. Michael’s remit will also include business model and commercial innovation and he’ll have his keen eye on disruptive threats and opportunities that our industry poses.

Before Michael joined Bloomberg in 2014, he worked at Vox Media, where he was part of the team that drove the impressive growth of The Verge.

Michael will be moving desks to sit on the 4th floor this week, but will continue to be present across all floors of the building. Please join me in congratulating him and I look forward to sharing all our future developments as they happen.