Get smart fast: Bloomberg QuickTake book hits newsstands

Compilation of explainer articles covers hot topics for 2017 – from driverless cars to free trade to shadow banking

As a new administration takes charge in Washington, Brexit moves forward and debates on free trade and immigration heat up around the world, Bloomberg’s latest QuickTake book of explainer articles hits newsstands this week to provide context on the trends and topics that will shape 2017.  

“In a world convulsing with political upheaval, articles full of viewpoints are easy to find. Context and clarity are not,” Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait writes in a letter to readers. “Bloomberg QuickTakes are designed for people like you and me: citizens of a global world who have a limited amount of time to keep up. They deliver on one page, concisely and dispassionate, what a reader needs to know about an important subject of the day.”

QuickTakes cover a range of topics including education, environment, finance, technology, medicine, public policy, politics and more.

Written by Bloomberg’s global team of journalists, more than 300 QuickTakes are updated regularly and available in real time on the Bloomberg Terminal at {NI QUICK <GO>} and online at Bloomberg QuickTake articles and videos are also available for licensing to other media properties.  

Bloomberg’s QuickTake book arrived this week on Barnes and Noble newsstands across the U.S. for $14.99. 

“QuickTakes give you the underpinnings of complex topics so you can understand the news,” said Bloomberg QuickTake editor Leah Harrison Singer. “They are also living articles, revised and updated online by Bloomberg’s most experienced journalists as events unfold." 

– Ty Trippet | January 13, 2017