How to extend custom content across digital, print, TV, and audio

Edward Adams

On his self-titled Bloomberg multi-platform show, David Rubenstein — the co-founder and CEO of the alternative asset management firm The Carlyle Group — interviews some of the greatest minds in business. Wells Fargo is sponsoring the show, and wanted to reach its influential audience wherever they watch, listen or read.

To extend its ad campaign, it has commissioned a series of custom content executions that are running across all of Bloomberg’s media platforms — digital, print, TV, radio and podcasts. The ad campaign is built around the concept of an “unlock” — a moment of insight, where the bank’s clients see their investing futures in a new light.

To illustrate how the bank helps clients come to these realizations that often lead to a better path forward, Bloomberg Media Studios is interviewing nine executives from across the business units of Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management. In conversations with each, we’re exploring examples of “unlock moments” they and their colleagues have had with clients. Here’s
how those conversations play out across the five Bloomberg media platforms:

1. The most comprehensive execution of those conversations is a series of 8- to 10-minute podcasts, such as this one with Arne Boudewyn, the Head of Family Governance, History and Education Services at Abbott Downing, a unit of Wells Fargo that advises ultra-high net worth families.

2. Highlights from the conversation then run as a question-and-answer page in Bloomberg Businessweek, opposite a page of Wells Fargo brand advertising.

3. The core of the unlock moment Arne describes is included in an infographic on, along with data from Wells Fargo and other sources that provides context for the topic.

4. The essence of the unlock moment is captured in a 30-second video vignette that runs on Bloomberg Television.

5. A 30-second audio version of the video vignette runs on Bloomberg Radio.

The custom program required a minimum of each executive’s valuable time, but it’s made them into rock stars in their respective divisions. It’s drawn kudos from the bank’s CMO and won an award for Best Integrated Media Execution from Gramercy Institute, composed of marketers from 30 of the world’s top financial brands.

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