Congrats to our stellar ad ops team!

For the second year in a row, Bloomberg Media’s 85-member strong global ad operations team has been honored with a very special industry award, winning the MIN (Media Industry Newsletter)’s Best of the Web Award for Ad Operations Team of the Year!

Members of the Bloomberg Media Ad Operations team attend the MIN Best of the Web Awards event in New York. From left: Dave Giumara; Janelle Faulk; Allison Howald; Derek Gatts; Jillian Megna; Stephen Jutras.

The honor is given annually to an outstanding integrated team who are motivated to push ad operations to the next level. This year, the team won laurels for envisioning and implementing a bold idea: unlike any other Ops team in the industry, Bloomberg has made its team fully cross-platform.

Instead of maintaining separate groups – each following its own procedures and policies – to serve the different types of media in Bloomberg’s multiplatform offering, all members of the team now work on all media. 

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With a universe including digital sites, multiple apps, podcasts, OTT, multiple television and radio channels, two magazines and a roster of global events – not to mention team members spread across 9 worldwide markets – that’s no small feat. 

“This wasn’t change for the sake of change,” said Megan Latham, Global Head of Ad Operations for Bloomberg Media, who led the charge to overhaul process, train teams and determine new policies. “We wanted to build a structure that could evolve and change over time, that could organically spot and respond to new information, new trends, new patterns of behavior.”

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To that end, the team is now organized into three distinct groups that work on finding unique answers to brand needs – and then deliver them with smarter, faster campaign management. The team also incorporates a programmatic business and an innovative ad product group that built well over a dozen new products in 2016.

“Consumers are at the heart of what we do,” added Latham. “Our team understands their purchase journey and how they embrace media along the way, whatever platform they choose.” 

That knowledge is then applied across media to come up with creative, unique ideas for clients. Resulting campaigns are informed by data – primed to reach users when they’re most receptive and engage them with proprietary ad products designed to surprise and delight.

Hats off to our worldwide ad operations team – from New York, Chicago, LA and San Francisco to London, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toyko. Recognition well deserved!

– Jen Robinson | March 21, 2017