Comcast Business, Bloomberg Media employ new proprietary insights to connect with hard-to-reach IT audiences

Know Your Network“, a new branded content series from Comcast Business and Bloomberg Media that explores how network technology can enable critical business objectives such as driving better customer experience and achieving digital agility, debuted today.

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As digital transformation continues to reshape industries, making technology decisions has become increasingly complex. The CIO and other IT decision makers now lead these business-critical initiatives, and they are hungry for technology-focused content tailored to their advanced level of expertise.

Drawing on insights from the Bloomberg Tech Thought Leadership Report, the “Know Your Network” series features a panel of technology experts and IT leaders who offer a holistic view of network technologies from multiple perspectives. In a virtual roundtable setting, they address a series of network technology scenarios derived from real-life business challenges and opportunities.

According to the Bloomberg report, IT decision makers’ top motivation to invest in technology includes the desire to:

Stay ahead on the technology front – 26%
Improve security – 26%
Enhance productivity and decision-making abilities – 23%

Source: The Bloomberg Tech Thought Leadership Report

This audience also values the opinions of their peers: 75% of IT decision makers list peer recommendations as a top factor in trusting online content, according to IDG.

In the first installment of “Know Your Network,” we meet Nicholas Webb, author of The Digital Innovation Playbook, Jeffrey Lewis, Vice President, Active Core Products and Solutions, Comcast Business, and Anna Mantica, Chief Information Officer, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Verani Realty.

These three experts—each with a distinct perspective on digital transformation—explore how software-defined networking is helping businesses improve customer experience and drive growth.

”Know Your Network” is both engaging and in-depth, giving IT decision makers the information they need to understand how today’s networking technologies will help their business—and real-world advice on how to put them into action.

The series, which will run on Bloomberg channels throughout 2020, shows how Comcast Business is a trusted, informed expert providing innovative solutions that meet IT decision makers’ technology needs.

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