Bloomberg’s Paul Caine on innovation in advertising

How will the fusion of technology, creativity and consumer insights drive interactive advertising forward? That question was front-and-center among the digital leaders gathered for the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting 2016 – a three-day discussion of the most pressing topics in the interactive advertising and marketing industry. 


“What has me excited about what’s going on in our industry is that it’s all about innovation, more so than even disruption,” said Paul Caine, Bloomberg’s Global Chief Revenue and Client Partnerships Officer, in an on-site interview at the gathering. “We’re in this state right now where we have consumers continuing to adopt to our platforms and continuing to engage with our premium content.”

And this has broad application: “We’re at this inflection point where it is all about how to best connect with our customers. It’s all about how we’re working together as an industry in terms of solving the ways to make the experience better for users and better for advertisers.”

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